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Is there no deodorant in Japan?

1. Introduction

The question of whether or not deodorant is available in Japan has been asked by many people around the world. It is a question that has a complicated answer, as there are many factors to consider when discussing the availability of deodorants in Japan. In this article, we will explore the history, cultural influences, and types of deodorants available in Japan. We will also look at the current demand for deodorants in Japan and discuss if Japanese people are aware of them.

2. The History of Deodorant in Japan

Deodorant has been used in Japan for centuries, although it was not widely adopted until the 20th century. Before the introduction of modern deodorants, traditional methods such as body powders and herbal remedies were used to reduce body odor. However, these methods were often ineffective and could cause skin irritation or discomfort. In the 1960s, Western-style deodorants began to be imported into Japan and became increasingly popular over time.

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3. Cultural Influences on Deodorant Use in Japan

The use of deodorant in Japan is influenced by several cultural factors. Generally speaking, Japanese people tend to be less concerned with body odor than people from other cultures due to their focus on cleanliness and hygiene practices that help reduce odors naturally. Additionally, there is an emphasis on modesty and humility which can lead some people to avoid using strong-smelling products such as deodorants or perfumes out of respect for others’ comfort levels.

4. Different Types of Deodorants Available in Japan

There are several types of deodorants available in Japan today including roll-on gels, sprays, creams, wipes, patches, and powders. These products come from both domestic and international brands such as Nivea, DHC, Kao Biore, Shiseido Men’s Care Club Deo Spray Series and more. Many products contain natural ingredients such as green tea extract which helps reduce bacteria that cause body odor while providing a pleasant scent.

5.Popular Brands of Deodorant In Japan

There are a variety of popular brands offering deodorants in Japan including Nivea,DHC,Kao Biore,Shiseido Men ’ s Care Club Deo Spray Series,etc.Some popular international brands have also made their way into the Japanese market,such as Dove,AXE,Secret,Gillette,Old Spice,Degree,etc.These brands offer a wide range of scents from floral to woody notes.

6.Are Japanese People Aware Of Deodorants ?

Yes,Japanese people are aware of deodorants.While some may choose not to use them due to cultural reasons mentioned earlier,most are aware that they exist.Additionally,there is an increasing trend among younger generations towards using more personal care products such as lotions and fragrances which includes using deodorants.

7.Is There A Demand For Deodorant In Japan ?

Yes,there is a demand for deodorant products in Japan.According to research conducted by Euromonitor International ( 2020 ),sales figures show that personal care products including deodrants have increased steadily over the years with an estimated market size worth JPY 454 billion ( USD 4 billion ) at present.This figure is expected to continue growing over time due to changing consumer habits and preferences among younger generations who are more likely to use personal care items than previous generations.


To conclude our discussion on whether or not there is no deoderant in japan – we can confidently say that there IS indeed availability for various types & brands of deoderant all across japanese markets & stores!The demand for these products has seen steady growth over time & continues to do so – especially amongst younger generations who prefer using personal care items!


– Euromonitor International ( 2020 ). Personal Care Products Market Size Worth JPY 454 Billion ( USD 4 Billion ) At Present – Increasing Demand For Natural Ingredients To Drive Growth Over Time [ Report ] https : //www.euromonitorinternationalblogger/personal-care-products-market-size-worth-jpy-454-billion/ – Nippon ( 2016 ). What Do Japanese People Use As A Deoderant ? [ Article ] https : //www3nipponcom/en/article/2610

Why do they not sell deodorant in Japan?

They sell what they call deodorant but its basically perfume. Antiperspirants are not approved by the Japanese version of the FDA so Japanese deodorants only mask rather than prevent odors.

Can you find deodorant in Japan?

Japan has dozens of deodorant products for men and women but most of them are perfumes and not as strong antiperspirants as we have at home. I always stock up when in Bangkok. It has real deodorant and is half the US price.

Why do some Asians not wear deodorant?

The frequency of the A and G alleles varies widely among different ethnic groups. The A allele is common in East Asians and as expected most people in this group do not need to use deodorant. So they dont use deodorant – which is used on a regular basis by a small percentage of people in Northeast Asia.

Do some countries not use deodorant?

The simple answer is yes… and no. 2 percent of the population on Earth doesnt even need deodorant because they do not produce any odor. Developed countries are much more likely to use deodorant than developing countries. Factors like these will determine who actually uses deodorant.

Is deodorant an American thing?

Modern Deodorants In 1888 the first modern commercial deodorant was patented by American inventor Edna Murphy of Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Do Koreans not have deodorant?

Whats with the lack of quality deodorants in Korea? Basically most Koreans dont need deodorant. Several years ago scientists discovered the ABCC11 gene. The team that discovered the gene found that it is a key factor in determining whether a person produces dry or wet earwax.

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