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What crime is committed most in Japan?

1. Introduction

Crime is a major issue in many countries around the world, and Japan is no exception. While Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, there are still various types of crimes that occur on a regular basis. This article will explore what crime is committed most in Japan, as well as its causes and effects on society.

2. Overview of Crime in Japan

Japan’s crime rate is relatively low compared to other countries around the world. According to the National Police Agency of Japan, the total number of reported cases decreased from 1,937,873 in 2013 to 1,739,621 in 2019. The most common crimes were theft and fraud-related offenses such as shoplifting and credit card fraud.

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3. Types of Crime in Japan

In Japan, there are two main categories of crime: “petty” or “minor” offenses (such as shoplifting), and “serious” or “major” offenses (such as murder). Petty offenses are typically punished with fines or short jail sentences; serious offenses are punishable by longer jail sentences or even death sentences depending on the severity of the crime committed.

4. Most Common Crimes in Japan

The most common type of crime committed in Japan is theft or shoplifting-related offenses. According to data from 2019, theft accounted for 70% of all reported crimes that year. Other common types of crime include fraud (15%), assault (10%), robbery (3%), and drug-related offenses (1%).

5. Causes of Common Crimes in Japan

There are various factors that can contribute to criminal activity in any country; however, some factors are more prominent than others when it comes to Japanese society specifically. These include poverty, inequality between social classes, lack of education opportunities for young people, organized crime syndicates such as yakuza gangs, and societal pressure to conform to traditional values and customs.

6. Impact of Common Crimes on Japanese Society

Crime has a significant impact on Japanese society both economically and socially; it can lead to decreased productivity due to lost working hours from victims who have been affected by criminal activities such as robbery or assault; it can also lead to increased stress levels among citizens who feel unsafe due to criminal activity occurring near their homes or workplaces; finally it can also lead to an overall feeling of mistrust among citizens which can further exacerbate societal tensions between different social classes or ethnicities living within a city or region.

7. Government Efforts to Combat Crime in Japan

The Japanese government has taken various measures over the years aimed at reducing criminal activity within its borders; these include increasing police presence through increased patrols and surveillance cameras; introducing harsher punishments for those convicted of serious crimes such as murder or robbery; creating special task forces dedicated solely towards combating organized crime syndicates like yakuza gangs; providing better education opportunities for young people so they don’t become involved with criminal activities out of desperation; and introducing new laws aimed at protecting victims rights when dealing with criminal cases involving them directly such as sexual assault cases.


In conclusion,while Japan has one of the lowest crime rates compared with other countries,there are still various types of crimes that occur regularly.The most common type is theft – related offenses,followed by fraud – related offenses.The causes behind these crimes vary but often involve poverty,inequality between social classes,lack of education opportunities,organized crime syndicates like yakuza gangs,and societal pressure.The government has taken several measures over the years aimed at reducing criminal activity within its borders ; however,much work still needs to be done if it wants to continue enjoying its low -crime rate status.


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Does Japan have high crime rate?

Violence against people representing the state is therefore deeply rooted in Japans political history. Clear success in crime prevention and control compared to Japan Japan is known as a country with a low crime rate.

Where in Japan has the most crime?

What is the most dangerous city in Japan? Osaka is the most dangerous city in Japan. Osaka has one of the highest crime rates in Japan as a municipality and prefecture (higher than Tokyo) and more rapes and murders than any other city.

Why does Japan have so little crime?

A simple doctrinal explanation. Explaining the low crime rate by culture means that collective traits such as group orientation tending toward harmony and self-control are the reasons why Japanese people in various nations do not kill and steal from each other.

Is Japan safer than the US?

All are jealous by international standards. Remember your question Is Japan safe? YES. Japan is generally a very safe country in many respects actually safer than the United States. So safe that it has actually been rated as the safest country in the world. Why?

What are the main crimes in Japan?

In Japan most recorded crimes are theft. Among violent crimes assault and bodily harm were the most commonly reported crimes followed by rape and murder. On October 27 2020 there will be approximately 21.9 assaults and 0.7 murders per 100000 Japanese population in 2022.

Does Japan have death penalty?

In the year Ninety-eight prisoners have been executed in Japan since 2000 the last being Tomohiro Kato in 2000. He is a suspect in the 2008 Akihabara massacre and was executed on July 26 2022. Currently death row inmates are awaiting execution.

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