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What do you get a Japanese lover?


Japan is a country that is known for its rich culture, customs, and traditions. If you’re in love with someone from Japan or have a Japanese lover, then you may be thinking about what kind of gifts you can give them that they would appreciate. In this article, we will explore some of the best gift ideas for a Japanese lover.

Understanding Japanese Culture

Before delving into the gift ideas, it’s important to understand Japanese culture. Japan is known for its emphasis on politeness, respect, and modesty. Gift-giving is an important part of Japanese culture and is considered a way to show appreciation and respect.

Japanese Snack Box

Japanese Gift-Giving Etiquette

When giving a gift to a Japanese person, there are certain etiquette rules that you should follow. For example, gifts should be wrapped beautifully, and the wrapping should not be removed in front of the giver. Additionally, it’s important to choose a gift that is appropriate for the occasion and the recipient’s age and gender.

Gift Ideas for a Japanese Lover

There are several gift ideas that you can consider for your Japanese lover. One option is to give them a traditional Japanese gift such as a tea ceremony set or a kimono. Another idea is to give them something that represents your love for Japan such as a bonsai tree or a sushi-making kit.

Food and Drink Gifts

Japanese cuisine is known around the world for its unique flavors and presentation. Gifting your Japanese lover with some authentic Japanese food items such as sake, green tea, or various types of noodles can be a great idea.

Japanese Beauty Products

Japanese beauty products are known for their high quality and effectiveness. A skincare kit from a popular Japanese brand or a set of makeup brushes could be an excellent gift option for your Japanese lover.

Japanese Technology Gadgets

Japan is a technology hub and has a reputation for producing some of the world’s most innovative gadgets. A smartphone, a camera or a smartwatch from a Japanese brand could be a thoughtful gift for your lover.

Japanese Literature and Art

Japanese literature and art have a rich history and are highly appreciated globally. Gifting your Japanese lover with a classic novel or an art piece by a famous Japanese artist could be a unique way to show your love.

J-Pop and Anime Memorabilia

Japan is also known for its pop culture phenomenon such as J-Pop and Anime. If your lover is a fan of these genres, you can consider gifting them with memorabilia such as posters, DVDs or figurines from their favorite series or artist.

Japanese Language Learning Materials

Learning Japanese language can be a great way to show your interest in Japanese culture. Gifting your lover with Japanese language learning materials such as textbooks, CDs or online courses can be an excellent idea.

Japanese Experience Gifts

Another way to give a gift to your Japanese lover is to offer them an experience that they will never forget. For example, you can take them to a Japanese restaurant or spa, or plan a trip to Japan together.


In conclusion, there are several gift ideas that you can consider when it comes to giving a gift to your Japanese lover. Whether you choose something traditional or modern, the important thing is to show your appreciation and love for their culture and traditions. By following the right etiquette rules and choosing an appropriate gift, you can make your Japanese lover feel special and appreciated.

What kind of gifts do Japanese people like?

In Japan, giving food and drinks as gifts is a common practice, particularly for smaller occasions like Oseibo and Okaeshi. Gifts like sweets, cakes, tea, alcohol, and other beverages are popular choices.

What do Japanese value most?

In Japan, key principles include showing consideration for others, striving to do your best, persevering through challenges, demonstrating respect for elders, understanding your responsibilities, and collaborating with others. These values are instilled from early childhood education through professional life.

What is appreciation gift in Japanese?

In Japan, it is customary to give a thank you gift called okaeshi. These gifts are expected to be worth about half the value of the original gift and usually include items such as alcohol, sweets, or small household items.

What American brands do Japanese love?

Many American brands are well-known in Japan, such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Wendy’s fast food chains, as well as Adidas, Nike, and Lululemon clothing. Additionally, Japanese consumers enjoy American snacks such as Doritos, Pringles, Fanta, and Hershey Kisses.

Are there any gift taboos in Japan?

When giving gifts, it is best to avoid lilies, lotus blossoms, and camellias as they are typically associated with funerals. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid giving white flowers and potted plants, as they are believed to bring bad luck and sickness. In some cultures, it is also considered unlucky to give four or nine of any item.

What compliments do Japanese girls like?

In Japanese, the word “kawaii” is used as a compliment for girls. For example, if you want to express that you like a girl’s dress, this is the appropriate term to use. Another word commonly used for compliments is “subarashii,” which means “wonderful” or “breathtaking.”

Japanese Fashion

Japan also has a unique and distinct fashion style that is appreciated worldwide. Gifting your lover with traditional Japanese clothing such as a yukata or a haori could be a great way to show your interest in their culture. Alternatively, you can also gift them with modern Japanese fashion items such as streetwear or designer clothing.

Japanese Music

Japanese music is diverse and varied, ranging from traditional folk songs to modern J-Pop and rock. Gifting your lover with CDs or vinyl records from their favorite Japanese artists could be a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

Japanese Home Decor

Japan has a rich history of craftsmanship and artistry, which is reflected in its home decor. Gifting your lover with traditional Japanese home decor items such as a shoji screen or a tatami mat could be a great way to show your appreciation for their culture.

Japanese Craft Kits

Japan has a reputation for producing high-quality crafts and DIY kits. Gifting your lover with a Japanese craft kit such as origami paper or calligraphy set could be an excellent way to encourage their creativity and to introduce them to new skills.

Japanese Games and Toys

Japan is also known for its unique and entertaining games and toys. Gifting your lover with Japanese board games, puzzles, or even plush toys can be a fun and lighthearted way to show your love for Japan.

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