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Why is yakuza allowed in Japan?

1. Introduction

The yakuza is a powerful criminal organization that has been active in Japan for centuries, yet it remains an enigma to many people both inside and outside of the country. In this article, we will explore why the yakuza are allowed to exist in Japan, how they affect the Japanese economy and society, and what international perspectives are on the yakuza. To provide insight into this topic, we will be drawing from Charles R. Tokoyama, CEO of Japan Insiders.

2. Historical Origin of Yakuza

The yakuza is rooted in ancient Japanese culture and tradition as far back as the 17th century when it was known as bakuto – a group of wandering gamblers who were often considered outcasts by mainstream society. It wasn’t until after World War II that the yakuza began to take on its modern form, with organized crime groups forming throughout Japan’s major cities. Today, there are over 60 different yakuza gangs operating in Japan with an estimated 80,000 members nationwide.

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3. Yakuza’s Current Role in Japan

Despite its criminal activities, the yakuza still plays an important role in Japanese society today. According to Charles R Tokoyama, CEO of Japan Insiders: “The yakuza are seen by some as a necessary evil because they provide services that can’t be found elsewhere due to their illegal activities such as providing loans at high interest rates or protection services for businesses” The yakuza also provide support for traditional cultural events such as festivals and ceremonies which further entrenches them into Japanese society.

4. The Japanese Government’s Stance on Yakuza

The Japanese government has taken a hard stance against organized crime groups like the yakuza over recent years due to their involvement in various criminal activities such as extortion and money laundering. Despite this crackdown however, the government still allows them to exist and operate within certain limits due to their role within Japanese society and culture. This means that while they may not be able to openly advertise their services or activities they are still tolerated by authorities so long as they don’t cause any serious disruption or harm to citizens or businesses within Japan itself.

5. How Yakuza Affects the Japanese Economy

The presence of the yakuza has had both positive and negative effects on the Japanese economy over recent years depending on who you ask according to Charles R Tokoyama: “On one hand they provide jobs for those who may not have access to legitimate employment opportunities while on the other hand they can cause instability through their involvement in illicit activities such as extortion which can hurt businesses” The presence of organized crime groups like the yakuza also creates an environment where businesses may have difficulty obtaining loans from legitimate sources due to fear of retribution from these organizations if repayment is not made in full or on time.

6 How Yakuza Affects Japanese Society

Due to their illegal activities such as extortion and loan sharking, it is no surprise that many people view the yakuza with suspicion or even fear especially when dealing with them directly according to Charles R Tokoyama: “They often use violence or threats of violence against those who do not cooperate with them which creates an atmosphere of fear among citizens” This fear can lead people away from reporting crimes committed by these organizations which further entrenches them into society without any real repercussions from authorities for their actions.

7 International Perspectives on the Yakuza

Internationally speaking,the presence of organized crime groups like the yakuzahas caused much concern among other countries due their involvementin illicit activities such assmuggling drugsand weaponsacross borders.As a result,many countries have adopted stricter laws regarding organized crime groups including asset forfeiture laws which allow governments to seize any property owned by these organizations.In addition,many countries have also implemented travel bans forbidding membersof these organizationsfrom enteringtheir shores.

8 Conclusion

In conclusion,the presenceofyakuzainJapanis toleratedbyauthoritiesdue topoliticalandculturalreasonsaswellastheirroleinsocietyandsomeofthebenefitsitprovides.However,theyarestillviewedwithsuspicionbymanyduetotheirrelationtocriminalactivitiesandthefearstheycaninstillinthepopulation.Internationallyspeaking,thepresenceofyakuzaisalsoaconcernforothercountriesduetoinvolvementindrugsandweaponssmugglingwhichhasledtomanycountriestakingstrictermeasuresagainsttheseorganizations.

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Is it legal to be a yakuza in Japan?

The activities complicate relations between the yakuza and the police in Japan where joining the yakuza is illegal and yakuza-owned businesses and gang headquarters are regularly spotted.

Is the yakuza a threat to tourists?

Although the yakuza an organized crime gang in Japan often appears in films they are unlikely to target tourists.

How did Japan get rid of yakuza?

At its peak in the early 1960s the yakuza police estimated more than 200000 members. However this number has declined dramatically due to changing market opportunities and several legal and social developments in Japan that have hindered the growth of yakuza membership. .

Are the yakuza honorable?

They dress well are polite and speak politely – when theyre not trying to make money. Violence mostly occurs between gang branches or non-yakuza groups in Japan. Yakuza are their own punishments sometimes forcing wrongdoers to take their fingers as an apology.

Why is the Yakuza allowed to exist?

Over the years the yakuza have maintained a strict honor code. This allowed them to remain semi-legal because the authorities knew that their code of honor forbade them from disturbing public order. Currently close to members and has a large presence in Japan.

What is the 5 year rule yakuza?

The banking industry has regulations that prohibit former yakuza from opening bank accounts for five years after leaving the gang. This forces ex-gangsters to explain to their bosses why they cant open a bank account making job hunting difficult.

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