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Are houses cheap in Japan?

The Cost of Living in Japan

Japan has a reputation for being an expensive country to live in, but how much does housing contribute to that cost?

Factors Influencing House Prices

Several factors influence house prices in Japan, including location, age of the property, and size.

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Urban vs. Rural Housing Prices

Housing prices in urban areas tend to be higher than in rural areas due to higher demand and limited space.

Average House Prices in Japan

The average price for a new home in Japan is Β₯33 million ($316,000 USD), while the average price for a used home is Β₯14 million ($134,000 USD).

Regional Differences in Housing Prices

There are significant regional differences in housing prices across Japan, with Tokyo being the most expensive city for housing.

Rent vs. Buy

Renting a home in Japan can be more affordable than buying, especially for those who plan to live there temporarily.

How to Buy a House in Japan

The process of buying a house in Japan can be complex and requires the assistance of a real estate agent and a lawyer.

Foreigner-Friendly Housing Options

There are several housing options available to foreigners living in Japan, including share houses and guest houses.

Government Support for Homebuyers

The Japanese government offers several programs and incentives to encourage home ownership, including tax breaks and low-interest loans.

The Future of Housing Prices in Japan

There is speculation that the aging population and declining birth rate in Japan could lead to a decline in demand for housing and therefore lower prices in the future.


Overall, while housing prices in Japan may seem high compared to other countries, they are influenced by various factors and there are options available to make them more affordable.

How much do homes in Japan cost?

The starting price for houses in Japan is approximately 25,000,000 JPY (equivalent to 230,000 USD), and the national average for purchasing a house is roughly 35,760,000 JPY (equivalent to 337,000 USD).

Why are house so cheap in Japan?

That being said, Japanese houses are mostly built to last 20–30 years and after that age their value pretty much falls to the value of the land they sit on. Actually at 30+ years they detract from the value of the property as they must be torn down and the materials disposed of which costs money.

Does Japan have cheap houses?

Japan is a highly underrated location for owning a vacation home due to several reasons: the affordable cost of purchasing a house, low property taxes, and the fact that it is an exceptionally beautiful place to spend vacation time. Refer to the FAQ section for additional details.

Is it cheaper to live in Japan or America?

The cost of living in Japan is approximately three times higher than living in the United States. Even the local citizens acknowledge that prices in Japan are higher compared to many other countries.

Can I buy $500 house in Japan?

Yes, you really can buy a house for under $500 in Japan Yes, there are really houses in Japan that are listed for $500 β€” in fact there are many.

How much is a house in Japan in US dollar?

In Japan, the typical cost of a newly listed house for sale last month was Β₯35,760,000 (equivalent to roughly $337,000). This is less expensive than the median selling price of houses in the US during the first quarter of 2022, which was $428,700. This information was reported on November 2nd, 2022.

Alternative Housing Options

In addition to traditional apartments and houses, there are alternative housing options available in Japan that can be more affordable. One option is to live in a share house, which is a type of communal living where residents share common areas like the kitchen and living room but have their own private bedrooms. Another option is to live in a guest house, which is similar to a hostel but with longer-term stays and more private rooms. These options can be especially appealing for foreigners who may not want to commit to a long-term lease or deal with the paperwork involved in renting an apartment.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Housing Prices

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the Japanese economy, including the housing market. While it is still too early to determine the full extent of the impact, some experts predict that housing prices could decline due to decreased demand as more people work from home and businesses close. On the other hand, others speculate that the pandemic may actually increase demand for larger homes with more space as people spend more time at home.

Factors That Could Affect Housing Prices in the Future

In addition to the aging population and declining birth rate mentioned earlier, there are several other factors that could affect housing prices in Japan in the future. One such factor is immigration policy. If Japan were to relax its strict immigration laws and allow more foreign workers into the country, this could increase demand for housing and drive up prices. Additionally, changes in government policies related to taxation or incentives for home ownership could also impact housing prices in Japan.

The Benefits of Home Ownership in Japan

Despite the high cost of housing in Japan, there are several benefits to owning a home. For one, owning a home provides stability and security, as well as the potential for appreciation in value over time. Additionally, owning a home can offer more privacy and freedom than renting an apartment or living in a share house. For those who plan to live in Japan long-term, owning a home can be a worthwhile investment.


While housing prices in Japan may seem daunting at first glance, there are many factors at play that determine the cost of living. Whether you choose to rent or buy, there are options available for all budgets and lifestyles. By understanding the different factors that influence housing prices in Japan, you can make informed decisions about where and how you want to live.

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