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Are indirect kisses a thing in Japan?

1. Introduction

Kissing is a universal expression of love and affection that is practiced in many cultures around the world. While different cultures have their own unique ways of expressing love and affection, the act of kissing is largely the same no matter where it’s done. In Japan, however, kissing is not as common as it is in other parts of the world, and there are certain types of kisses that are considered more appropriate than others. One such type of kiss is an indirect kiss, which has become increasingly popular in Japan over the past few years. This article will explore the concept of indirect kissing in Japan and discuss its cultural significance.

2. What is an indirect kiss?

An indirect kiss is a type of kiss that does not involve physical contact between two people but still conveys a sense of intimacy or connection between them. It can be anything from a hug to a simple glance or gesture, and it usually involves some form of communication or exchange between two people. Indirect kisses can also be used to express emotions such as love, admiration, appreciation, or sympathy without actually touching each other’s skin.

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3. Cultural Significance of Kissing in Japan

In Japan, kissing has long been seen as something intimate and private between two people who are deeply in love with each other. As such, public displays of affection are generally frowned upon and considered inappropriate by Japanese society at large. This means that traditional forms of kissing such as French kissing or even just regular lip-to-lip contact are often seen as too intimate for most social situations in Japan.

4. Types of Indirect Kisses in Japan

In recent years, indirect kisses have become increasingly popular among young couples in Japan due to their less intimate nature compared to traditional forms of kissing like French kissing or lip-to-lip contact. Some common types of indirect kisses include:

• A gentle hug
• Holding hands
• A simple glance
• A gentle touch on the arm or shoulder
• A sweet gesture like blowing a kiss

5. Examples of Indirect Kisses in Japanese Culture

Indirect kisses can be found throughout Japanese culture both historically and today. For example, one popular form of indirect kiss found throughout Japanese culture is called “nose touching” (鼻をつなぐ). This involves two people lightly touching their noses together without actually making contact with each other’s lips or mouth area – it’s essentially an air kiss! Nose touching has long been used by couples to express their feelings for each other without having to engage in more intimate forms of physical contact like French kissing or lip-to-lip contact.

6 The Role Of Technology In Japanese Kissing Traditions

Technology has also played an important role in how people express themselves romantically through indirect kisses in recent years – particularly among younger generations who grew up using technology on a daily basis from an early age. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and LINE have allowed people to share photos and videos depicting various types of indirect kisses with friends and family members all over the world – further expanding the reach and popularity of this type of romantic expression among younger generations across different countries and cultures!

7 Pros And Cons Of Indirect Kissing In Japan

Like most things, there are both pros and cons associated with using indirect kisses as a way to express yourself romantically in Japan – particularly when compared to traditional forms like French kissing or lip-to-lip contact:


• Less intimate than traditional forms like French kissing; therefore more socially acceptable for public displays

• Allows for more creative expressions; e.g., nose touching, hand holding etc…

• Can be shared easily via social media platforms like Twitter & Instagram


• Not as emotionally impactful as traditional forms; therefore may lack depth & intensity

• May be seen by some as being too “cute” & lacking passion/romance

• Can easily be misinterpreted if not done correctly (e.g., nose touching vs head bumping)

8 Conclusion

In conclusion, while direct forms like French kissing may still remain popular among some couples in Japan – especially those looking for more passionate/intimate expressions – many young couples today prefer using less direct forms such as nose touching & hand holding instead due to their less intimate nature & increased creativity potential when compared to traditional forms like French kissing or lip-to-lip contact.Furthermore,thanks to technology,these types o f expressions can now easily be shared with friends & family members all over the world – further increasing their popularity among younger generations across different countries & cultures!

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Is kiss common in Japan?

Today the Japanese call this practice Kiso. A word borrowed from English. In Japan public kissing is becoming more and more accepted in the art world and among young couples.

What does a kiss mean in Japan?

There are different types of kisses all over the world but traditionally in Japan there are only two types which are romantic kisses from couples or kisses from children. Public displays of affection have always been and generally still are frowned upon: kissing on the lips is serious business.

How do you ask a girl for a indirect kiss?

Try this: Lean back and give someone your cheek. Make eye contact with them while caressing their cheeks. Try touching the face or another part of the body if your partner responds. Write your request on a piece of paper and send it in a note.

What is a non contact kiss?

A kiss is like a kiss on the cheek but without the physical contact. Tap the air on the side of someones cheek. Again this is used as a platonic greeting in many cultures and is an excellent choice if you prefer a non-contact greeting.

Is hookup culture common in Japan?

While hookups and casual dating are taboo in other countries where hookups are not particularly popular they are socially accepted. But hookups in Japan are considered dirty especially for religious people.

Do Japanese people flirt?

Japanese people are known for being shy so when you become a couple you will secretly tease in front of people. For example many couples walk hand in hand but kissing is rarely seen. Most Japanese people are embarrassed to give and receive small kisses on the cheek in front of people.

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