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Can foreigners have a Japanese wedding?

1. Introduction

Can foreigners have a Japanese wedding? This is a question many couples planning to tie the knot in Japan are asking. The answer is yes, but it’s important to understand what is involved and the requirements that must be met. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of having a Japanese wedding as a foreigner.

2. What is a Japanese Wedding?

A Japanese wedding is an intimate ceremony that celebrates the union of two people in matrimony. It typically consists of a traditional Shinto or Buddhist ceremony, followed by a reception with food, drinks, and entertainment for family and friends. The bride and groom usually exchange vows and rings during the ceremony, as well as share sake (rice wine) from one cup to symbolize their commitment to each other.

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3. Who Can Have a Japanese Wedding?

Any foreign couple can have a Japanese wedding if they meet certain requirements such as being legally married in their home country or having valid visas for Japan. Additionally, both parties must be at least 18 years old and not related by blood or marriage.

4. What Are the Requirements for Foreigners to Have a Japanese Wedding?

In order to have a legal marriage in Japan, foreigners must submit documents such as passports, birth certificates, proof of residence status, divorce papers (if applicable), etc., at their local city hall or ward office when applying for their marriage license. Additionally, if either party has been married before they must provide proof of dissolution of their previous marriage (e.g., death certificate).

5. What Documents Do Foreigners Need for a Japanese Wedding?

Foreigners who want to get married in Japan will need to bring several documents with them when applying for their marriage license at city hall or ward office including: passports; birth certificates; proof of residence status; divorce papers (if applicable); death certificate (if applicable); family register; affidavit of competence to marry; parental consent form; etc..

6. How Much Does a Japanese Wedding Cost?

The cost of having a Japanese wedding varies greatly depending on the size of the ceremony and reception you plan on having as well as where it takes place (e.g., city hall vs temple). Generally speaking though, most couples can expect to pay anywhere from ¥50,000-¥300,000 ($500-$3000 USD) for their special day depending on how elaborate they want it to be!

7. Tips for Planning a Japanese Wedding as a Foreigner

When planning your special day there are some tips you should keep in mind: make sure you have all your paperwork ready before applying for your marriage license; hire an experienced wedding planner who can help you navigate through the process; research different venues so you can find one that fits your budget and needs; try to book vendors early since popular ones tend to fill up quickly; consider hiring an interpreter if necessary; etc..

8 Conclusion


Having a Japanese wedding as foreigner is possible but requires careful planning and preparation due to all the legal requirements involved obtaining your marriage license from city hall or ward office.With proper documentation,guidance from an experienced wedding planner,and some research into different venues,you can have an unforgettable experience tying the knot in Japan.

9 FAQs

Q: Do I need any special documents if I’m getting married in Japan ? A : Yes,foreigners need valid passports,birth certificates,proof of residence status,divorce papers ( if applicable ),death certificate ( if applicable ),family register,affidavit of competence form,and parental consent form. Q : Is there any cost associated with getting married in Japan ? A : Yes,the cost varies depending on size and location but generally speaking couples should expect anywhere from ¥50 000 -¥300 000 ($500 – $3000 USD ).

Can foreigners have a traditional Japanese wedding?

The answer is yes. You can also get married in Japan if you are eligible to get married in your country of birth. Marriages between foreigners in Japan usually involve civil or religious marriages or a combination of the two.

Can Americans get legally married in Japan?

If you are an American planning to get married in Japan the process is simple. With a little planning most people can accomplish everything they need to get married in less than a day. Servicemen and women can take further steps to get married in Japan by contacting their units staff officer or chain of command.

What happens if I marry a Japanese?

Foreigners who become spouses of Japanese citizens meet the requirements for naturalization even if they are unemployed as a result of their lifestyle. For example if you marry a Japanese man and become a full-time housewife you can still apply for naturalization.

Can I move to Japan if I marry a Japanese woman?

If you are married to a Japanese citizen and want to live with him in Japan you will need a Japanese Citizen Spouse or Child Visa. Telling a good marriage story for teens is important. That is to the office of the municipality where you live and register the marriage.

Do you get a Japanese citizenship if you marry a Japanese?

You can apply for citizenship at the appropriate Legal Business Services office in your area by submitting the required documents. For example citizenship requirements are waived if you are Japanese or born in Japan. Once your disposition is confirmed your familys new registration will be complete.

Can I go to Japan for a wedding?


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