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Can I go to Tokyo if I don’t speak Japanese?

Is it hard to get around Tokyo without speaking Japanese?

So can you travel in Japan without speaking Japanese? Make sure you can. Youll usually be in big cities and around major landmarks and popular tourist spots. Of course if you go a little off the beaten path things get a little more challenging.

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Can I go to Japan if I only speak English?

English is commonly used in Japan and Chinese and Korean are becoming more common so you can definitely get around without using Japanese. This is more true in the larger cities and regions you visit. But your foreign language quickly dries up when youre out of town.

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Japan?

Individual tourists may visit Japan starting October 11 2022 subject to vaccination or testing requirements outlined on the U.S. Embassy website for U.S. citizens traveling to Japan. Tourists with US passports no longer need a visa for stays of up to 3 months.

Is English widely spoken in Japan?

Do Japanese People Speak English? Japanese is the main language spoken in Japan. However, according to studies somewhere between 13 and 30 per cent of Japanese people also speak some level of English. although only around 9per cent say they feel confident using English.

Can you survive in Japan with English?

Most of the time you can get away with little or no Japanese if you speak English and dont mind living in a bubble of English-speaking kaijin friendly Japanese. You can still meet new people and enjoy unique moments and traveling around most of Japan is a good thing.

How tourist friendly is Tokyo?

But do not worry. Like I said Japanese people are friendly towards tourists and visitors. You will not have any problems in Japan and no one will make fun of you on your vacation. If shopping is your hobby you may be able to find clothes a size larger. Thinness is definitely important in Japanese culture.

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