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Can Japanese royal family speak English?

1. Introduction

The Japanese royal family is one of the oldest and most respected families in the world. It has been a part of the country’s history for centuries, and its members have always been held to a high standard. One question that many people have asked is whether or not members of the Japanese royal family can speak English. In this article, we will explore this question and take a look at the English ability of the current Emperor and other members of the royal family.

2. Who is the Japanese Royal Family?

The Japanese royal family is made up of several branches, with the current Emperor being Akihito. He has been in power since 1989 and is set to abdicate in April 2019, passing on his duties to his son, Crown Prince Naruhito. The imperial family also includes Akihito’s wife Empress Michiko, their three children (Naruhito, Princess Akishino, and Princess Sayako), as well as several other relatives.

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3. English Education in Japan

English education in Japan is quite common, especially among younger generations. Most schools teach some form of English from elementary school onward, and many universities also offer courses in English language study. As such, it’s likely that many members of the royal family have had some exposure to English during their schooling years.

4. Does the Japanese Royal Family Speak English?

The answer to this question depends on which member of the royal family you are referring to. While some may be able to understand basic English phrases or hold brief conversations in English, it’s unlikely that any are fluent speakers or writers of English due to their lack of practice using it outside formal settings such as diplomatic meetings or official engagements with foreign dignitaries (which they attend frequently).

5. The Current Emperor’s English Ability

The current Emperor Akihito was born in 1933 and attended Gakushuin University where he studied history and law before assuming his role as Emperor in 1989 following his father’s death. During his time at university he took classes in both French and German but did not study any English courses; however, he does have a basic understanding of certain words and phrases due to his travels abroad and interactions with foreign dignitaries over the years.

6. Previous Emperors and Their English Ability

Akihito’s father Hirohito was born in 1901 but did not receive any formal education until he was 18 years old when he began studying at Gakushuin University like his son after him; however, he did not take any classes related to foreign languages including English during his studies there either despite having traveled extensively throughout Europe during his lifetime (including attending Oxford University for a brief period). It is therefore safe to assume that Hirohito did not possess any significant level of proficiency when it came to speaking or writing in English either although it cannot be ruled out completely given his extensive travels abroad prior to becoming Emperor.

7 Other Members Of The Royal Family And Their Ability To Speak In english

The other members of the imperial family vary widely when it comes to their ability with speaking or writing in english.For example,Crown Prince Naruhito,who will become emperor once Akihitio steps down,studied at Oxford University for two years while completing his doctoral degree,so it can be assumed that he has a good level proficiency when it comes to speaking english.Princess Akishino also attended Gakushuin University where she took classes related to foreign languages including english,so she too likely possesses some level of proficiency when it comes to speaking english.However,Princess Sayako,who married into the imperial family after graduating from Gakushuin University,does not possess any significant level proficiency when it comes to speaking or writing english.

8 Conclusion

In conclusion,while some members of Japan’s imperial family may possess some level proficiency when it comes speaking or writing english due their educational backgrounds or travels abroad,most are likely not fluent speakers or writers due lack practice outside formal settings such as diplomatic meetings.However,given that english education is quite common among younger generations within Japan these days,future generations may possess better levels proficiency when it comes speaking or writing english than those currently within imperial family do today.

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What language did the Japanese Emperor speak?

The emperor spoke an entirely different kind of Japanese – an imperial dialect used by the royal family and courtiers. I had to study what he had to say. It is like learning another language. In addition to Japanese I have had some experiences with the Imperial language.

Does the Japanese royal family do anything?

Under the current Japanese constitution the emperor is the symbol of national unity. Other members of the royal family perform ceremonial and social functions but have no role in government affairs. The duties of the emperor are entrusted to the sons.

Does the Japanese royal family have any power?

The emperor is limited to symbolic roles such as state affairs enshrined in the constitution. Like Britain and the Scandinavian countries the Japanese monarch has no political function. The emperor had to be advised and approved by the government in all his government functions.

What language did Hirohito speak?

Answer and Explanation: Emperor Hirohito spoke not only Japanese. He visited Europe in his youth and also speaks Chinese. It is not known how well he speaks foreign languages ​​such as German French and possibly English as he always uses a translator in public.

Why do Japanese don’t speak English?

The lack of fluent English teachers and the lack of real-life opportunities to speak and/or use English outside of the classroom have contributed to English proficiency across the country.

Who pays for Japanese royal family?

the State
All property of the Imperial Household belongs to the State. All expenses of the Imperial Household are appropriated by the Diet in the budget (Constitution, Article 88).

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