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Can you have two Japanese wives?

1. Introduction

Polygamy is a practice that has existed for centuries in many cultures around the world, including Japan. In recent years, there have been some changes in the laws and social attitudes regarding polygamy in Japan, making it an interesting topic to explore. This article will discuss the history of polygamy in Japan, current laws and social attitudes toward it, religious perspectives on polygamy, pros and cons of having two wives in Japan, and legal implications of having two wives in Japan.

2. Historical Context of Polygamy in Japan

Polygamy has been practiced throughout Japanese history, with some periods allowing multiple wives while others forbade them. During the Edo period (1603–1868), polygamy was officially banned by law but still practiced by some wealthy families who could afford to support multiple wives. The Meiji period (1868-1912) saw a rise in monogamous marriages as the government sought to modernize and westernize Japanese society. However, polygamy remained legal until after World War II when it was finally outlawed by the 1947 Constitution of Japan.

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3. Modern Japanese Laws Regarding Polygamy

Today, polygamy is illegal under Japanese law and carries a jail sentence of up to one year or a fine of up to 500,000 yen (about US$4,500). Even though polygamous marriages are not legally recognized by the government, they can still be performed by religious organizations such as Shinto shrines or Buddhist temples if both parties agree to it. However, these marriages are not legally binding and do not confer any rights or privileges upon either party.

4. Social Attitudes Toward Polygamy in Japan

Social attitudes toward polygamy vary widely among different groups in Japan today. While it is generally frowned upon by mainstream society due to its association with organized crime syndicates (yakuza) or extreme religious sects (Aum Shinrikyo), there are still some people who view it favorably as an alternative form of marriage that allows for more freedom and flexibility than traditional monogamous relationships do.

5. Religious Perspectives on Polygamy in Japan

Religious perspectives on polygamy also vary greatly depending on which religion is being discussed. The majority of major religions in Japan such as Buddhism and Shintoism condemn any form of extramarital relationships including polygamy while other religions such as Christianity may allow for multiple partners if all parties involved consent to it.

6. Pros and Cons of Having Two Wives in Japan

Having two wives can be beneficial for some men but also comes with certain risks that must be considered before entering into such an arrangement:


-More companionship – Having two wives can provide more companionship than a single wife could offer since each wife can bring something different to the relationship such as different interests or skillsets that complement each other’s strengths & weaknesses;

-More financial stability – Having two wives can provide more financial stability since both women may be able to contribute financially;

-More family support – Having two wives can provide additional family support since both women may be able to help out with childcare duties or other household tasks;

-More diversity – Having two wives can bring more diversity into your life since each wife may have different backgrounds & experiences that you can learn from & appreciate;


-Legal complications – Since polygamy is illegal under Japanese law there are potential legal complications that come with having two wives;

-Social stigma – There is a certain social stigma attached to having two wives which could potentially lead to criticism from friends & family members;

-Financial strain – Supporting two households instead of one could put a strain on your finances if you are not prepared for the additional costs associated with having two families;

-Jealousy between spouses – There is always potential for jealousy between spouses which could lead to arguments & disagreements within your marriage(s).

7. Legal Implications of Having Two Wives in Japan

As mentioned earlier, having two wives is illegal under Japanese law so there are certain legal implications that must be taken into consideration before entering into such an arrangement:

-Criminal prosecution – If caught engaging in polygamous activities you could face criminal prosecution & jail time;

-Loss of assets – If convicted you could lose all assets acquired during the course of your polygamous relationship(s);

-Immigration issues – If you are foreign national living in Japan then engaging in polygamous activities could result immigration issues & possible deportation back home;

-Child custody issues – If children were born during your polygamous relationship then there may be child custody issues that need resolving should things end badly between you & your spouse(s).

8 Conclusion

In conclusion, although having two Japanese wives is technically illegal under Japanese law there are still some people who choose to engage in this practice due its potential benefits such as increased companionship & financial stability as well as its potential drawbacks like legal complications & social stigma attached to it.Ultimately whether or not someone should pursue this lifestyle choice comes down their own personal beliefs & values but if they do choose this path then they must make sure they understand all the risks involved before proceeding any further.

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What country can you have 2 wives?

Many of the countries that permit polygamy have Muslim majorities, and the practice is rare in many of them. Fewer than 1 percent of Muslim men live with more than one spouse in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Egypt – all countries where the practice is legal at least for Muslims.

Did the Japanese have more than one wife?

Polygamy remained legal until 1945 when Japan was defeated in World War II and a new constitution was enacted. Many wives are considered family by fathers of children and relatives.

Is it legal to have 2 wives at the same time?

Polygamy as a crime originated at common law and is now illegal in every state. With the passage of the Edmonds Anti-Polygamy Law polygamy was outlawed in the United States.

Can a US citizen marry two wives?

Polygamy was banned in federal territories by the Edmonds Act and all 50 states and the District of Columbia Guam and Puerto Rico have laws against the practice.

What age do Japanese marry?

Adults in Japan are 20 years of age or older. 39. According to the provisions of the Civil Code men cannot marry until they reach the age of 18 or women reach the age of 16.

How many children can a Japanese couple have?

Japan does not have a child policy that limits the number of children a couple can have. However most Japanese have one or two children. Japanese law does not limit the number of children in a family.

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