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Can you marry your sibling in Japan?

1. Introduction

Marriage is a major life decision that has many legal, cultural, and social implications. In Japan, marriage between siblings is illegal, however this law has not always been the case. This article will explore the history of sibling marriage in Japan, current laws on the matter, cultural attitudes towards it, potential social repercussions of marrying a sibling in Japan, legal options for those who wish to do so, and what to consider before making such a decision.

2. History of Sibling Marriage in Japan

Sibling marriage was once common practice in Japan until it was outlawed during the Meiji period (1868 – 1912). During this time period, the government implemented reforms that were meant to bring Japan into modernity and make it more like Western countries. One of these reforms was outlawing sibling marriage as it went against the ideals of monogamy and nuclear families that were popularized at the time.

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3. Current Laws on Sibling Marriage in Japan

In modern day Japan, marriage between siblings is still illegal and carries a prison sentence of up to three years if convicted. This law applies to both half-siblings as well as full siblings regardless of whether they are adopted or biological children of the same parents. Additionally, any attempt to marry one’s sibling will be considered a crime even if the marriage does not take place or is annulled after being registered with local authorities.

4. Cultural Attitudes Towards Sibling Marriage In Japan

In general, Japanese culture views marrying one’s sibling as taboo and socially unacceptable due to its close association with incestuous relationships which are widely frowned upon throughout society. This means that those who choose to marry their siblings often face significant social stigma from family members and friends alike which can lead to feelings of isolation and alienation from their peers and community members.

5. Social Repercussions of Marrying Your Sibling in Japan

Aside from facing social stigma from family members and peers, those who choose to marry their siblings also face potential legal repercussions depending on how local authorities view such relationships. In some cases, couples may be fined or even arrested for attempting to marry each other despite knowing that such unions are illegal under Japanese law. Additionally, any children born out of such unions may also face discrimination due to their parents’ relationship status which could affect their future prospects in life significantly depending on how severe the discrimination is within their community or school environment.

6. Legal Options for Marrying Your Sibling in Japan

Despite being illegal under Japanese law there are still ways for couples who wish to marry each other despite being related by blood or adoption can do so legally without fear of prosecution or criminal charges being brought against them by local authorities. The most common way for couples wishing to get married despite being related by blood is through a special dispensation granted by the Japanese government known as “tokubetsu kyogi rikon” which allows couples who meet certain criteria such as having no living relatives or having no children together yet still wanting to get married legally without fear of prosecution.

7. What to Consider Before Marrying Your Sibling in Japan

Before deciding whether or not you want to marry your sibling in Japan it is important for couples considering such an arrangement understand all that comes with such a decision including potential legal repercussions as well as social stigma they may face from family members and peers alike should they decide move forward with getting married despite being related by blood or adoption.Additionally,couples should also consider any possible financial implications associated with getting married due to changes in taxation rules when filing joint tax returns after getting married.Finally,couples should also think about how having children together would affect their relationship both legally and socially should they decide down this path.

8 Conclusion


In conclusion,while marrying one’s sibling is technically illegal under Japanese law,there are still ways for couples wishing do so legally without fear prosecution provided they meet certain criteria set forth by local authorities.However,before deciding whether not pursue this option,couples must consider all potential implications legal,financial,cultural,social ramifications associated with doing so.

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In ancient Greece Athenians were allowed to marry a half-sister from the same father from another mother while Spartans were allowed to marry a half-sister from the same mother from another father. Argued that in Egypt it was customary for brothers and sisters to marry.

Do Japanese people marry their relatives?

East Asia. Cousin marriage is allowed in Japan although this has declined in recent years.

Is it OK to marry your cousin in Japan?

Japanese law allows marriage between cousins. However, it is said that the proportion of cousin marriages has decreased in Japan today compared to the past, and there was a report in 1983 that the proportion of cousin marriages was 1.6 percent of all marriages in the survey. Would you marry your first cousin?

Is it possible for siblings to marry?

Cousin marriage is legal in many countries adultery is legal in some countries but sex between brothers and sisters is considered incest almost all over the world. Incest between siblings is illegal in many countries around the world. It was used historically by the ancient Egyptians and the Inca tribes.

Is it legal in America to marry your sister?

Although all political entities prohibit marriage between an individual and a siblings aunt or uncle their restrictions vary considerably depending on the level of security ties. Cousin marriage was not prohibited among the Jews of Georgia and Rhode Island.

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