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Can you move to Japan if you marry a Japanese citizen?

1. Introduction

Marrying a Japanese citizen is one of the most common ways to move to Japan. While there are various requirements and procedures involved in the process, it can be a great option for those who want to live in Japan permanently. In this article, we will provide an overview of the process of marrying a Japanese citizen and moving to Japan, including the requirements, application process, and immigration process. We will also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of such an arrangement as well as provide answers to some frequently asked questions about it.

2. Overview of Marriage in Japan

Marriage in Japan is regulated by the Civil Code of Japan and is based on consent between two individuals. The marriage must be registered at a municipal office in order for it to be legally recognized by the government. The marriage must also meet certain criteria such as being monogamous and heterosexual; same-sex marriages are not legally recognized in Japan. Additionally, both parties must be over 18 years old or have parental consent if they are younger than 18 years old.

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3. Requirements to Marry a Japanese Citizen

In order to marry a Japanese citizen, you must meet certain requirements set by the Japanese government. First, you must have valid proof that you are single or divorced if you have been previously married; this includes providing valid documents from your home country that show your marital status. You must also provide valid identification documents such as your passport or residence card if you already live in Japan. Lastly, you must submit an official document from your home country called “Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage” which attests that there are no legal impediments preventing you from getting married in Japan.

4. How to Apply for a Spouse Visa in Japan

Once you have met all the necessary requirements for marrying a Japanese citizen, you can then apply for a spouse visa (also known as “spouse of Japanese national” visa). This visa allows non-Japanese citizens who are married to Japanese citizens to live and work in Japan with their spouse without needing any other type of work permit or visa status. To apply for this visa, you will need to submit various documents such as your passport, marriage certificate, proof that your relationship is genuine (such as photos or letters), and proof that both parties meet all necessary requirements (such as income tax forms). You may also need additional documents depending on your situation so it is best to check with an immigration lawyer before submitting your application for review by the Immigration Bureau of Japan

5.The Immigration Process for Moving to Japan

Once your application has been approved by the Immigration Bureau of Japan, they will issue what is known as a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) which serves as proof that all necessary criteria has been met for your relocation into Japan with your spouse. After receiving this certificate, you can then apply for an actual residence card which serves as proof that you can stay indefinitely in Japan with your spouse without needing any further permission from immigration authorities unless otherwise specified by law. This residence card can also be used when applying for other visas such as working visas or student visas while living in Japan with your spouse if desired

6.Benefits and Drawbacks of Marrying a Japanese Citizen

Marrying a Japanese citizen has its advantages and disadvantages depending on individual circumstances but overall it can provide many benefits including allowing non-Japanese citizens access into living permanently within the country without needing any other type of visa status or work permit; having access to health insurance through their spouse’s employer; having access to social security benefits; being able to open bank accounts more easily; access education opportunities; etc.. However there may also be some drawbacks such as having limited rights when it comes to owning property or assets due to different laws regarding spousal inheritance rights; potential language barriers between spouses due to cultural differences; limited employment opportunities due lack of work permits/visas specifically tailored towards foreign spouses etc..

7.FAQs About Moving ToJapan After Marriage

Q1: Do I need special permission from my home country before I can marry someone from another country?
A1: Yes – depending on where you live -you may need special permission from your own government before being ableto marry someone from another country likeJapan

Q2: Can I bring my children when I movetoJapan after getting married?
A2: Yes -if they are under 20 years old theycan accompanyyou withthe same visa typeas yours

Q3: What kindof paperwork doIneedbeforeIcanapplyfora spousalvisa?
A3: Youwillneedtoprovideproofofyourmaritalstatus(suchasadivorcecertificateorcertificateofsingleness)andvalididentificationdocuments(suchaspassportorresidencecard)inordertosubmitanapplicationforspousalvisa

Q4: HowlongdoesitnormallytakefortheImmigrationBureautoapprovemyapplicationforaspousevisa? A4: Itnormallytakesaround3monthsfortheImmigrationBureautoapproveanapplicationforspousevisa

8.Conclusion In conclusion,marryingaJapaneseCitizenisoneofthemostcommonwaystomovetoJapan.Therearevariousrequirementsandproceduresinvolvedintheprocess,butitcanbeagreatoptionforthosewhowanttoliveinJapannotonlytemporarilybutalsopermanently.Bymeetingthenecessaryrequirementsandfollowingthecorrectprocedures,foreignnationalscanapplyforaspousevisatolegallyliveandworkinJapanwiththeirspousewithoutneedinganyothertypeofworkpermitorvisastatus.Althoughtherearebenefitsandsomepotentialdrawbacksofmarrigingajapanesecitizen,itisstillworthconsideringifyouwanttomovetoJapanpermanently.

9.Resources •CivilCodeofJapan :https://www.japaneselawtranslation.gojp / law / detail_main ? id = 32 & vm = 4&re=02 •ImmigrationBureauofJapan :https://www.immi – mojgovjp / english / indexhtml •SpousalVisaRequirements :https://www.imminetworkorg / japan – spousal – visarequirements/

What happens if you marry a Japanese person?

Foreign nationals with Japanese spouses can be granted citizenship even if they are unemployed and regardless of their livelihood. For example if you marry a Japanese woman and are a full-time housewife or housewife you can apply for citizenship.

What happens if a foreigner marries a Japanese citizen?

According to Japanese law Japanese spouses will not lose their nationality by marrying a foreigner. Japanese women who marry foreigners can sometimes acquire the husbands citizenship under the laws of the spouses home country.

Can an American family move to Japan?

Can Americans go to Japan? Yes you can go to Japan from the US. You must apply for a visa appropriate to your situation at the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate² where you live.

Can Americans move to Japan?

How to Travel to Japan from USA – Visas Japan is all about jobs and you need to find a job in Japan to get a visa. For this apply to a Japanese company and get a job there. The agency will initiate the visa application process on your behalf.

Is a Japanese marriage Recognised in the US?

The United States does not have a national marriage registry called foreign or domestic. The United States allows marriage in other states and countries. Your marriage is recognized in the United States if it took place legally in the county or state in which you were married.

Do Japanese want to marry foreigners?

International Marriage – Wikipedia Japan is more concentrated in urban areas such as Tokyo and Osaka. The most common form of international marriage in Japan is between a Japanese woman and a foreign man but recent statistics show that more and more Japanese men are also choosing to marry foreign women.

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