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Do Japanese people propose?

Do Japanese People Propose?


Proposals are an important part of any relationship, and Japan is no exception. But what is unique about the way that Japanese people propose? What are the traditional and modern practices, cultural considerations, and etiquette involved in proposing in Japan? In this article, we will answer these questions and more as we explore the topic of proposals among Japanese people.

Traditional Proposal Practices in Japan

In traditional Japanese culture, marriage proposals were usually handled by a matchmaker or a go-between. The matchmaker would act as an intermediary between the two families to arrange a meeting between them. During the meeting, the groom’s family would present a gift of betrothal money (called “yoshi”) to the bride’s family along with a formal proposal letter from the groom. If both families agreed to the proposal, then they would set a date for the wedding ceremony.

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Modern Proposal Practices in Japan

Today, most proposals in Japan are done directly by the couple themselves without involving their families or matchmakers. The man will typically present his girlfriend with an engagement ring and ask her to marry him. If she accepts his proposal then they will plan out their future together. This practice has become quite popular among young couples in recent years, especially those who live together before getting married.

The Role of Technology in Japanese Proposals

Technology has also become an important part of modern proposals in Japan. Many couples now use social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to announce their engagement to friends and family members. There are even apps that allow couples to create virtual engagement rings so they can “propose” without having to buy an actual ring!

Cultural Considerations for Japanese Proposals

When proposing marriage in Japan there are several cultural considerations that should be taken into account. For instance, it is considered rude for either party to reject a proposal outright; instead it is expected that they will politely decline but leave open the possibility of reconsidering at some point in the future if their feelings change. It is also important to note that many Japanese people view marriage as more of a business arrangement than a romantic one; therefore it is important for both parties to take time and consider all aspects before making any decisions about marriage proposals.

Etiquette for Japanese Proposals

When proposing marriage in Japan there are certain etiquette rules that should be followed: The man should always kneel down on one knee when asking for his partner’s hand in marriage; he should also present her with an engagement ring along with his proposal letter; finally he should always thank her parents for raising such a wonderful daughter! Additionally, it is important for both parties to express their feelings honestly during this time so that they can make sure they are truly ready for marriage before taking this big step together.

Common Questions about Japanese Proposals

Q: Is it necessary to have an engagement ring when proposing? A: Not necessarily; although it is customary for men to present their partners with an engagement ring when proposing, some couples may opt not to do so depending on their personal preferences or financial situation. Q: How long does it take for a wedding ceremony after accepting a proposal? A: This varies depending on each couple’s individual circumstances but typically weddings occur anywhere from 3-6 months after accepting a proposal.


In conclusion, proposals are an important part of any relationship but particularly so among Japanese people due to its strong cultural roots and traditions surrounding them. When proposing marriage there are several cultural considerations and etiquette rules that must be taken into account including presenting an engagement ring along with one’s proposal letter as well as expressing one’s feelings honestly during this time period so both parties can make sure they are truly ready for marriage before taking this big step together!

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Is it okay to propose in Japan?

Today Japanese men often propose in grand style at fireworks displays they bought and popped the question in a show dedicated to their girlfriends. No more rules. A foreigner I interviewed proposed to his girlfriend after a romantic guitar serenade in the park.

How long do Japanese couples date before getting engaged?

Some couples wait six years before going public while others only date for six months – it all depends on your unique situation.

Do Japanese people have engagement rings?

Yes! The Japanese use engagement rings! Thats the whole party and the ring comes last.

Do Japanese kiss on the first date?

The first days in Japan are neutral. Overt physical or verbal affection or desires are not publicly displayed.

Do Japanese kiss at weddings?

A typical Western wedding ends with the bride and groom exchanging vows and sharing a kiss. This is not the case in Japan where kissing is considered a very intimate act. In fact public displays of affection are generally frowned upon in Japanese culture.

Do Japanese marry foreigners?

Very few couples are interracial, and of those that progress to marriage, the overwhelming majority are actually between a Japanese man and a foreign women. Of Japanese women who get married, percent marry a foreigner (source).

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