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Do you kiss at a Japanese wedding?

1. Introduction

Do you kiss at a Japanese wedding? This is a question that many people have when they attend a Japanese wedding ceremony. In Japan, the customs associated with weddings vary depending on the region and family traditions. Some couples choose to follow traditional customs, while others opt for more modern approaches. In this article, we will discuss the different types of weddings in Japan, as well as whether or not kissing is appropriate at a Japanese wedding.

2. Traditional Japanese Wedding Traditions

In traditional Japanese weddings, the bride and groom wear kimonos and exchange symbolic gifts such as sake cups or rings. The ceremony itself is usually held in a Shinto shrine or temple and involves prayers for good luck and health for the couple’s future life together. During the ceremony, guests are expected to remain silent and refrain from taking photos or videos. After the ceremony, there is usually a reception where guests can mingle with the couple and their families.

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3. Modern Japanese Wedding Traditions

Modern Japanese weddings are much more relaxed than traditional ones, although some couples still choose to adhere to certain traditions such as wearing kimonos or exchanging symbolic gifts like sake cups or rings. The ceremony may be held in either a church or other venue such as an outdoor garden or beachfront area. Photos and videos are allowed during modern ceremonies, which often involve speeches by family members and friends of the couple as well as music performances.

4. Kissing at a Japanese Wedding

Kissing at a Japanese wedding is not common but it does happen in some cases depending on the couple’s preferences and cultural background. One example of kissing at a wedding would be for the bride and groom to exchange kisses after exchanging rings during their vows; this is known as “san-san-kudo” in Japan which literally translates to “three times three equals nine”—a reference to how three kisses signify commitment between two people who love each other equally (i.e., 9).

5. The Meaning of Kissing at a Japanese Wedding

Kissing at weddings symbolizes love and affection between two people who have chosen to spend their lives together; it also serves as an important part of expressing your commitment to one another in front of your friends and family members who have come to witness your union on this special day. Additionally, it can be used as an expression of gratitude towards those who have supported you throughout your relationship leading up to this point in time—such as parents, siblings, close friends etc.—as well as an acknowledgement that they will continue to support you throughout your marriage journey together from hereon out!

6. Etiquette for Kissing at a Japanese Wedding

When it comes to etiquette for kissing at a Japanese wedding, there are no hard rules but there are some guidelines that should be followed: firstly, make sure that both parties consent before engaging in any physical contact; secondly, keep it brief (no more than three seconds) so that everyone else present can still enjoy watching without feeling uncomfortable; thirdly, keep it respectful by avoiding any overly passionate displays of affection; fourthly—and most importantly—do not forget to thank those around you afterwards! This could include thanking parents/family members/friends/etc., for their support throughout your relationship leading up until now (i.e., today).

7 Other Ways To Show Affection At A Japanese Wedding

While kissing isn’t always appropriate at a traditional or modern Japanese wedding ceremony due to cultural norms & expectations—there are other ways that couples can show affection towards each other during these events! These include holding hands while exchanging vows & rings (if allowed), exchanging meaningful glances across the room during speeches & performances—or even just taking some time alone away from everyone else afterwards! Additionally—depending on what type of reception you’re having—there could also be opportunities for dancing together too!

8 Conclusion

In conclusion—while kissing isn’t always appropriate during traditional & modern ceremonies alike—there are still plenty of ways that couples can show affection towards one another without offending anyone’s cultural sensitivities! From holding hands during vows & exchanging meaningful glances across rooms full of family & friends—to taking some time alone away from everyone else afterwards & even dancing together if possible – these small gestures can help make any special day even more memorable!

9 FAQs


Q: Is kissing allowed at traditional/modern weddings?
A: It depends on what type of ceremony you’re having – while it’s not always appropriate in certain cultures (such as Japan), there may still be opportunities where it’s acceptable depending on what type of reception you’re having (e.g., dancing). Ultimately though – it’s important that both parties consent before engaging in any physical contact regardless!

What do you do at a Japanese wedding?

At the ceremony the couple cleanse themselves and drink while the groom recites the words of their vows. At the end of the ceremony symbolic offerings are made to the kami (Shinto deities). The couple wears a traditional kimono. After the ceremony the couple greets everyone and a welcome party is held.

Do you have to kiss at a wedding ceremony?

Kissing is not a legal requirement nor is it an act in marriage. It is a personal choice between the bride and groom and whether they would like to do it in public.

What is a Japanese wedding like?

Today the traditional Japanese ceremony is performed Shinto-style by a Shinto priest and takes place at a shrine. The ceremony is very formal and usually very private with only close relatives and a few guests. Shiro Mako brides who choose Shinto-style weddings wear white kimonos called shiromuku.

What colors not to wear to a Japanese wedding?

Step 3: What to Wear Otherwise as a basic rule dont wear white. Black and any other color is fine. Women should generally wear block heels and be careful not to show shoulders knees or toes. Men are safe in black or other colored suits and ties with dark shoes.

Is it OK to not kiss before marriage?

Ultimately deciding whether to kiss before marriage is a personal decision between your God and the person he is giving. If you have doubts about obedience or want to do something else it is better to go where God leads you and wait until marriage before kissing.

Do you kiss with tongue at a wedding?

Your lips will be locked for at least a few minutes so that the wedding photographer and your loved ones can snap some pictures. The basic rule of a wedding kiss is this: put your tongue in your mouth. Attending your friends aunt or uncles wedding doesnt have to be a full session.

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