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How do I know my size in Japan?

1. Introduction

It can be confusing and intimidating to try to figure out your size when shopping for clothes in a foreign country. Japan is no exception. Japanese clothing sizes are generally one or two sizes smaller than their American counterparts, and there is also a different system of measurements used. But don’t worry – with a few tips and tricks, you can easily figure out your size in Japan.

2. Understanding Japanese Clothing Sizes

In the US, clothing sizes are usually measured in inches or feet and then converted into standard sizes like small, medium, large, etc. In Japan, clothing sizes are measured in centimeters and then converted into a corresponding numbered size (e.g., 100 cm = size 8). This means that it’s important to know your exact measurements in centimeters if you want to get the right fit when shopping for clothes in Japan.

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3. Tips for Knowing Your Size in Japan

The best way to know your size in Japan is to measure yourself carefully using a tape measure or ruler before you go shopping. Make sure to measure all of the key areas such as your chest, waist, hips, and inseam length (for pants). Once you have these measurements, you can use them to look up the corresponding Japanese clothing size on an online conversion chart or ask a salesperson for help at the store.

4. How to Convert US Sizes to Japanese Sizes

If you don’t have time or access to measuring tools before going shopping in Japan, there are still ways of making an educated guess about what size you might need based on your US clothing size. Generally speaking, US sizes are one or two sizes larger than their Japanese counterparts so if you normally wear a US medium (M), then you should look for something close to a Japanese small (S) or extra-small (XS).

5. Shopping in Japan for Clothes

When shopping for clothes in Japan it’s important to remember that many stores may not carry items above certain sizes so it’s best to call ahead if possible or shop around online first before making any purchases. It’s also helpful to keep an open mind when it comes to style since many stores may only carry traditional Japanese styles which may be different from what you’re used too back home!

6 Online Shopping for Clothes In Japan

For those who prefer online shopping over physical stores there are plenty of options available as well! Most major retailers like Uniqlo and Zozotown offer international shipping so even if they don’t have stores near where you live it’s still possible to order items from them directly from their websites! It is important however that customers make sure they double check their sizing information before ordering since some items may not fit properly due to sizing discrepancies between countries/regions!

7 Conclusion

Shopping for clothes while visiting or living in another country can be daunting but with the right tips and tricks it doesn’t have to be! By understanding how Japanese clothing sizes work compared to those from other countries like the US and taking accurate measurements beforehand customers can easily find the right fit without having too much trouble! Also keeping an open mind when it comes style is always helpful since many traditional Japanese styles may differ greatly from what people are used too back home!

8 FAQs About Knowing Your Size In Japan

Q1: What is the difference between US and Japanese clothing sizes?
A1: Generally speaking US clothing sizes tend run one or two sizes larger than their Japanese counterparts so if one normally wears a US M they should look for something close too an XS/S when shopping for clothes in Japan!

Q2: How do I convert my measurements into japanese clothing sizes?
A2: There are several online conversion charts available that allow customers too input their measurements (in centimeters) and find out what corresponding japanese sized item they should purchase! It’s also helpful too ask salespeople at physical stores as well since they will usually know exactly what fits best based off of customer’s measurements!

Uniqlo – https://www.uniqlo-us-en-storefront-web-prod-us-en-prd/default/SizeChartView?lang=en_US&country=US&catalogId=18551&categoryId=13498&brandId=24093&pageType=CategoryPage&productType=ApparelProductType#sizechartview_content_1_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0 Zozotown – International Shoe Size Conversion Chart – http://www.shoesizeconversionchartonlinefreeconvertertoolinchcmcalculatorusaustraliaukjapanallcountriesworldwidefromandtoeuropeanamericanstandardisedmeasurementsystemssizetableformaleandfemaleadultshoesizeguide

What size is M in Japan?

Womens Clothing (Size Comparison) Japan America (Letter Size) Europe11S4013M4215M4417L465 Plus Line

What is Japanese size 38 in US?

Japanese sizes go up by one for every half size so a US size 14.5 is a Japanese size 37 and a US size 15 is a Japanese size 38. Jul 27 2015

What size is 3XL in Japan?

Size Chart Our Size 2L (XL/3XO) 4L (3XL/5XO) Chest Size 90cm-100cm 35in-39in 105cm-120cm 41in-47in Waist Size 90cm-100cm 35cm-39cm 105cm-105cm-2

How do you order large sizes in Japan?

M(エム)クイズさしい (M size cut) or size M please. So if you want to order a large latte in a coffee shop you should say: ラテのL You will also find the word ミンニ (mini) used in this informal setting for smaller sizes.

Is Japan Small or large?

The total area of ​​the Japanese archipelago is about 142000 square miles. As you can see on Maps 2 and 3 its a very small country compared to the vast Asian continent or the United States which is smaller than the single but large state of California.

What is size S and M?

Small (S) Medium (M) Large (L) Extra Large (XL)

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