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How do you say 3am in Japanese?


Learning how to say time in Japanese is an important part of mastering the language. Knowing how to tell time in Japanese can be very useful in everyday life, and it’s a great way to practice your conversational skills. In this article, we will look at how to say 3am in Japanese, as well as other ways of expressing time using the 24-hour clock system. We’ll also discuss the importance of understanding how to say time in Japan and provide some tips for learning and understanding it.

Japanese Language Basics

Before we look at how to say 3am in Japanese, let’s review some basics about the language. The Japanese language is written using three scripts: hiragana, katakana, and kanji. Hiragana and katakana are syllabaries – each character represents a single sound or syllable – while kanji is composed of characters that represent entire words or concepts.

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How to Say 3am in Japanese

In Japanese, you can express times using either the 12-hour clock system or the 24-hour clock system. To say 3am in Japanese using the 24-hour clock system, you would use the phrase “san ji” (さんじ). This literally translates as “three o’clock”.

Using the 24-Hour Clock System in Japan

In Japan, it is more common to use the 24-hour clock system when expressing time. For example, if someone wanted to say that they were leaving work at 5pm they would say “go ji han” (ごじはん), which literally translates as “five o’clock half past”. It is also important to note that when expressing times with a minute component such as 5:30pm you would use “han pun” (はんぷん) instead of “han ji pun” (はんじぷん).

Other Ways to Say 3am in Japanese

The phrase “san ji” (さんじ) isn’t the only way to express 3am in Japanese; there are several other ways you can do so depending on context and personal preference. For example, you could also use “yojitsu san ji” (ようじつさんじ), which literally translates as “early morning three o’clock”. Additionally, you could use “gozen san ji” (ごぜんさんじ), which means “before dawn three o’clock”.

The Importance of Knowing How to Say Time in Japan

Knowing how to tell time correctly is essential for anyone living or traveling in Japan; it will help you understand train schedules and other important information related to daily life. Additionally, being able to accurately express times will help you avoid any misunderstandings with locals or business partners who may not be familiar with foreign expressions of time such as saying “3pm” instead of “15:00”.

Tips for Learning and Understanding Time in Japan

If you want to master telling time correctly in Japan there are a few things you should keep in mind: practice regularly by setting alarms for different times throughout the day; listen carefully when locals talk about times; and try not to mix up 12-hour clock expressions with 24-hour ones! Additionally, if possible try writing down times so that you can refer back later if needed.


In conclusion, knowing how to properly express times using both 12-hour and 24-hour clocks is essential for anyone living or traveling in Japan.We have looked at how to say 3am specifically but remember that there are many other ways depending on context and personal preference. Finally, we have discussed some tips for learning and understanding time correctly – practice regularly,listen carefully,don’t mix up 12/24 hour clocks,write down times when needed – so make sure you put these into action!

Resources for Learning More About the Japanese Language and Culture

If you’re interested learning more about the language or culture of Japan then here are some great resources: Genki Textbook Series – A comprehensive textbook series covering all aspects of learning Japanese ; Tae Kim’s Guide To Learning Japanese – An online guide covering grammar,vocabulary,kanji,listening & reading comprehension ; Nihongo Eな – An online resource featuring lessons on grammar & vocabulary ; NHK World News – A news channel broadcasting from Tokyo featuring news from around the world.

How do you use AM and PM in Japanese?

In Japanese the twelve-hour clock is used more when speaking than when writing the twelve-hour clock or the twenty-four-hour clock. Add 午前 (gozen) to am when using a twelve-hour clock. Or 午後 (gogo) means evening. make it clear

Does Japan use AM PM?

The AM/PM symbol is used but the symbol can be set before or after the hour (AM10:00 or 10:00). Using Japanese notation the time is displayed as 8:42 followed by the number followed by the hour and minute signs (and optionally seconds for seconds).

Is 3 in Japan?

Three (3) 三 (pronounced Chan Chan). Four (4) (pronounced Shi Shi). The optional pronunciation ion is also used as the Japanese word for death – especially when talking about people.

What does 3 Tomoe mean in Japanese?

This particular tome is known as the mitsodome or 3-ply tome and is probably the most famous. Some consider him to represent the threefold division (man earth and sky) at the heart of Shintoism while the Buddhist figure is known as Haidari Goman and symbolizes the cycle of life.

Is 3 lucky in Japan?

As we all know the Japanese are superstitious. Certain things or situations can sometimes be explained by superstition. One of them is the concept of lucky number. Did you know that the number 3 is considered one of the lucky numbers in Japan?

Why is 3 a lucky number in Japan?

3 – san This number has traditionally been a lucky number. As you can see in the Japanese kanji and characters it is a combination of one one (ichi) and two two (ni). It represents the creation of time (past and future) and of the three elements mind body and soul.

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