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Is it better to go to Japan in July or August?

“Is it better to go to Japan in July or August?”

1. Introduction

When it comes to choosing the best time to visit Japan, the months of July and August are often a popular choice for many travelers. But is one month better than the other? To answer this question, we spoke with Charles R. Tokoyama, CEO of Japan Insiders, who has been visiting and living in Japan for over 20 years. He provided us with some valuable insights into why July and August are both great times to visit Japan and what makes each month unique.

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2. Weather in Japan in July & August

The weather in Japan during the summer months is generally hot and humid. In July, temperatures usually range from 25-30 degrees Celsius (77-86 Fahrenheit). In August, temperatures can reach up to 35 degrees Celsius (95 Fahrenheit). It’s important to note that these temperatures can vary depending on your location in Japan. For example, Tokyo tends to be much hotter than other parts of the country due to its humid subtropical climate.

3. Pros and Cons of Visiting Japan in July

July is a great time to visit Japan as there are many festivals taking place throughout the month. One of the most popular festivals is Tanabata Matsuri which takes place on July 7th every year and celebrates two star-crossed lovers who were separated by the Milky Way River. Other popular festivals include Bon Odori (a traditional dance festival) and Aomori Nebuta Matsuri (a festival featuring giant illuminated floats). Additionally, there are also many fireworks displays taking place throughout Tokyo during this time of year which makes for a beautiful night sky experience!

On the downside, July can be quite hot and humid which can make sightseeing more difficult for some people. Also, many hotels tend to be quite expensive during peak season so it’s important to book early if you want a good deal!

4. Pros and Cons of Visiting Japan in August

August is an excellent time to visit Japan as there are still plenty of festivals taking place throughout the month such as Obon (a Buddhist holiday honoring ancestors) or Gion Matsuri (one of Kyoto’s largest annual festivals). Additionally, there are also many outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling that can be enjoyed during this time of year thanks to milder temperatures compared with July.

On the downside, August can be quite rainy due to typhoons which may cause some disruption when traveling around certain parts of the country. Also, like in July, hotels tend to be quite expensive during peak season so it’s important to book early if you want a good deal!

5 Popular Events in July & August

July: Tanabata Matsuri; Bon Odori; Aomori Nebuta Matsuri; Fireworks Displays; Summer Illumination Festivals.

August: Obon; Gion Matsuri; Summer Illumination Festivals; Hiking & Cycling Tours; Outdoor Activities.

6 Recommended Places To Visit In July & August

July: Tokyo; Kyoto; Osaka; Hiroshima; Miyajima Island.

August: Tokyo; Kyoto; Osaka; Nara Park; Mt Fuji.

7 Cost Comparison For Traveling To Japan In July & August

The cost of traveling around Japan varies depending on how much you plan on doing while you’re there as well as what type of accommodation you choose and how far ahead you book your flights or train tickets etc.. Generally speaking however, flights tend to be cheaper during off-peak seasons such as April – June or September – November while hotel prices tend to remain relatively consistent throughout the year so it’s important that you book early if you want a good deal! Additionally, food costs will vary depending on where you choose eat but overall they tend to be quite affordable no matter what time of year it is.

8 Tips For Visiting Japan During The Summer Months

• Make sure that you bring plenty of sunscreen with you – especially if you plan on spending long days outside exploring different parts of the country.

• Wear light clothing made from natural fibers such as cotton or linen which will help keep your body cool even when temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit).
< br />• Bring an umbrella with you just in case it rains unexpectedly – typhoons occur more frequently during summer months so having an umbrella handy is always a good idea.< br / >< br />• Try out different types of local cuisine – Japanese food tends to be very seasonal so take advantage by trying out dishes that are only available during summertime such as cold noodles or grilled eel!< br / >< br />• Take advantage of public transport – trains tend to run more frequently during peak season making them an ideal way for getting around quickly without having too worry about traffic jams.< br / >< br />• Book your accommodation early – hotels tend fill up quickly during high season so make sure that you book several weeks ahead if possible.< br / >< br />• Be prepared for crowds – since summertime is one of busiest times for tourism in Japan expect large crowds at popular attractions like temples or shrines.< br / >< br />• Get off the beaten track – explore lesser known areas away from major cities like Tokyo or Kyoto where crowds won’t be as intense but still offer plenty interesting sights worth seeing!< br / > < H 2 > 9 Conclusion < Br / > When deciding whether it’s better go visit Japan in either July or August,both months offer unique experiences.Although both months have their pros and cons,Charles R.Tokoyama recommends visiting either month depending on personal preferences.Whether it’s attending one – off events,exploring hidden gems away from major cities,or enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling,both months provide plenty opportunities for travelers looking enjoy all that Japanese culture has offer!

Is Japan worth visiting in August?

August is a very popular time to visit Japan because of this and the country is very crowded as it is the height of the summer holiday season. Summer festivals in Japan are famous for their flower parade and fun! You will find all this and more if you visit

Is it worth going to Japan in July?

June is pleasant but often rainy (and wet). July and August are hot and humid but full of festivals. Mid to late September (if its warm) is less touristy than summer or fall but occasional storms can disrupt plans.

Is Japan too hot in August?

August is the hottest month in Japan with high humidity and hot nights that are usually uncomfortable. But there are exceptions and having a good time in Japan in the middle of summer depends on knowing the best places to go and having the right experience.

Is it OK to visit Tokyo in August?

August is the best time to visit Tokyo. Yes August is the peak of the summer festival season so there are lots of events.

Is Japan crowded in July?

For most of Japan except for Hokkaido and Okinawa July is the low season for foreign tourists due to overcrowding and a slightly inconvenient tax system. Japanese tourists (tourists too) go to these places to escape the heat (Hokkaido) or hug and swim in the sea (Okinawa).

What is the cheapest month to go to Japan?

Cherry blossoms and autumn (usually early April and mid-November respectively) are peak seasons for Japanese tourists which means hotel prices peak. Traveling in the off-season (late fall to he ends the holiday season in March) saves you a lot of money.

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