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Is Japan crowded in July?

Is Japan Crowded in July?

Japan is a popular tourist destination, and many people wonder if it is crowded in July. This article will answer that question and explain why Japan might be crowded during that month.

The Weather in Japan in July

July is one of the hottest months in Japan, with high humidity levels. The weather during this month makes it an ideal time for outdoor activities such as hiking or visiting beaches. However, it also means that many people are likely to be out and about, which can cause crowding.

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Summer Break for Students

July is when summer break starts for most Japanese students. This means that families often take vacations during this time, leading to an increase in tourism. Additionally, university students may also have summer break during this time, further contributing to the crowds.

Festivals and Events

July is a busy month for festivals and events in Japan. One of the most famous is the Gion Matsuri in Kyoto, which takes place throughout the month. Other events include fireworks displays and music festivals. These events attract large crowds of both locals and tourists.

Tourist Season

July is peak tourist season in Japan, with many people visiting from all over the world. This means that popular destinations like Tokyo and Kyoto can be quite crowded. It’s important to book accommodations and attractions well in advance to avoid disappointment.

The Olympics

In 2021, the Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo from July 23 to August 8. This event will likely draw even more tourists to Japan during this time, making it an especially busy month.

Transportation Crowds

With so many people traveling during July, transportation can be crowded. Trains, buses, and airports are likely to be busy, especially during peak travel times. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and purchase tickets in advance whenever possible.

Popular Destinations

Some destinations in Japan are more popular than others during July. For example, Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea can be extremely crowded during this time, as can popular beaches like Kamakura or Enoshima. It’s important to research popular destinations and plan accordingly.

Less Crowded Destinations

While some places in Japan may be crowded in July, there are also many lesser-known destinations that are less crowded. For example, Hokkaido is known for its beautiful nature and cooler temperatures in the summer. Other places to consider include Okinawa or the Tohoku region.

Benefits of Visiting in July

While it may be crowded, visiting Japan in July has its benefits. The weather is warm and sunny, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities. Additionally, many festivals and events take place during this month, allowing visitors to experience Japanese culture and traditions.

Tips for Visiting Japan in July

If you plan on visiting Japan in July, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, book accommodations and attractions well in advance. Second, consider visiting lesser-known destinations to avoid the crowds. Third, stay hydrated and wear sunscreen while exploring outdoors.


In conclusion, Japan can be crowded during July due to the weather, summer break, festivals and events, tourism, the Olympics, transportation crowds, and popular destinations. However, there are also less crowded destinations to consider, and visiting during this time has its benefits. With proper planning and preparation, July can be an enjoyable time to visit Japan.

Is it worth visiting Japan in July?

As July progresses, the rainy season comes to a close and the weather becomes hotter and more humid. This is a popular time for outdoor activities like hiking, going to the beach, watching baseball games, and enjoying beer gardens.

When should I avoid crowds in Japan?

Japan experiences a distinctive climate in East Asia which results in rainy weather during the months of late May through June and August through September, known as tsuyu. As a result, this time period is considered to be the least busy for tourism. Many people avoid visiting Japan during the summer months due to the high levels of rainfall in central Japan, which can exceed 80 inches annually.

What is the busiest tourist month in Japan?

In Japan, summer is a time for festivities and merrymaking that occurs from June to August, with August being the busiest month due to the Obon holiday (August 13-15) when many Japanese people go on vacation because schools are closed.

Should I go to Japan in July or August?

July and August are the busiest months for festivals and events in Japan, with many firework festivals taking place. August is also when many Japanese schools are on summer break, which means that many areas become more lively and bustling.

Should I go to Japan in June or July?

In many areas of the country, temperatures and humidity are elevated, but June tends to be a more pleasant time compared to the end of summer. If you desire to encounter a Japanese summer, June is a more favorable choice compared to July and August. With the right knowledge of where to visit, you can have a pleasurable and comfortable experience in Japan during June.

Is it worth going to Japan in summer?

A summer vacation in Japan is a delightful experience, offering street festivals, seasonal cuisine, and fireworks shows in every corner during the summer months. This is the perfect season for activities like hiking in national parks, beach relaxation, and flower exhibitions.

Food and Drinks

July is a great time to indulge in seasonal Japanese cuisine. Some of the most popular dishes during this month include cold noodles like soba or udon, refreshing shaved ice desserts, and grilled dishes like yakitori. Visitors can also enjoy local beers and sake, as well as seasonal fruits like watermelon and peaches.

Outdoor Activities

Aside from festivals and events, July is a great time to enjoy outdoor activities in Japan. Visitors can go hiking in the Japanese Alps, explore the many parks and gardens in Tokyo or Kyoto, or relax on one of Japan’s many beaches. Additionally, visitors can take advantage of the warm weather to go cycling or kayaking.

Cultural Experiences

Japan has a rich cultural heritage, and visitors can experience it firsthand during their July visit. Many temples and shrines hold special events during this month, such as traditional dances or tea ceremonies. Visitors can also attend summer festivals like the Aomori Nebuta Matsuri or the Tenjin Matsuri in Osaka to see traditional costumes, music, and dance.

Language Barriers

While Japan is a popular tourist destination and many people speak English, visitors may still encounter language barriers during their July visit. It’s a good idea to learn some basic Japanese phrases before traveling, such as “hello” (konnichiwa), “thank you” (arigatou gozaimasu), and “excuse me” (sumimasen).

Clothing Tips

Visitors should be aware of the dress code in Japan during July. While it may be hot and humid outside, it’s important to dress modestly when visiting temples and shrines. This means covering your shoulders and knees. Additionally, visitors should bring comfortable walking shoes and lightweight, breathable clothing.


Overall, July can be a busy month in Japan due to the weather, festivals and events, and tourism. However, visitors can still enjoy their trip by booking accommodations and attractions in advance, visiting lesser-known destinations, and taking advantage of the many outdoor activities and cultural experiences available. With proper planning and preparation, a July visit to Japan can be a memorable experience.

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