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What age do Japanese usually marry?

1. Introduction

Marriage is an important part of any society, and Japan is no exception. In Japan, the average age of marriage has been steadily increasing over the past few decades. This article will take a look at what age Japanese people usually marry and explore some of the factors behind this trend.

2. Overview of Marriage in Japan

In Japan, marriage is traditionally seen as a union between two families rather than just two individuals. The couple’s families are expected to provide financial and emotional support throughout their marriage and even after divorce if necessary. This responsibility often leads to a longer period of courtship before marriage.

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3. The Average Age for Men and Women to Marry in Japan

The average age for men to marry in Japan is 33 years old, while for women it is 31 years old. This is up from 28 years old for men and 26 years old for women in 1980.

4. Reasons Why the Average Age is Increasing

There are several reasons why the average age for marriage has been steadily increasing in Japan over the past few decades:
• Increased education levels – Higher education levels have led to young people delaying marriage as they focus on their studies or career aspirations instead;
• Financial considerations – The cost of living in Japan has risen significantly over the past few decades, making it more difficult for young couples to afford to get married;
• Changing social attitudes – There has been a shift away from traditional views on marriage towards more modern ideas such as cohabitation or even single parenthood;
• Lack of time – With both partners working long hours, there can be less time available for courtship leading to longer periods before marriage takes place;

5. Factors Affecting the Average Age of Marriage in Japan

There are several factors that can affect the average age at which Japanese people marry:
• Gender – Men tend to marry later than women due to economic reasons such as having higher education levels or more job opportunities;
• Location – People who live in urban areas tend to marry later than those who live in rural areas due to different social norms and expectations;
• Income level – People with higher incomes tend to marry later due to increased financial responsibilities;

6. Changes in Social Attitudes Towards Marriage and Divorce

In recent years, there has been a shift away from traditional views on marriage towards more modern ideas such as cohabitation or even single parenthood. This change has led to an increase in divorce rates as well as an increase in the average age of marriage. In addition, there has also been an increase in couples choosing not to get married at all due to changing social attitudes towards marriage and divorce.

7. Conclusion

The average age at which Japanese people marry has been steadily increasing over the past few decades due to various factors such as increased education levels, financial considerations, changing social attitudes towards marriage and divorce, and lack of time available for courtship leading up to marriage itself. These changes have had a significant impact on both individuals and society as a whole, with many choosing not to get married at all or waiting until later life before tying the knot.

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9 FAQs


Q: What is the average age for men and women when they get married in Japan? A: The average age for men when they get married is 33 years old while women typically marry at 31 years old

At what age do girls marry in Japan?

16 years for
Under the Japanese Civil Code the minimum legal age of marriage is 18 years for boys and 16 years for girls. A person who is under 20 years of age cannot get married in Japan without parental approval. From 2022, the legal age of marriage for girls and boys will be years.

Why do Japanese don’t marry?

A quarter of Japanese in their 30s say they have no plans to marry. Analysts say this is due to growing economic pressures and the desire to live without social responsibility.

How long do Japanese date before marriage?

Some couples wait six years before making it official while others only date for six months – it all depends on your unique circumstances.

Do Japanese men avoid marriage?

While young Japanese men of both sexes are increasingly opting for the single life it is men who embrace it the most. The National Institute of Population and Social Security Research recently claimed that 24 percent of Japanese men are unmarried by age 50 compared to 14 percent of women.

Is divorce common in Japan?

Divorce rates in Japan are significantly lower than in the United States but are rising. A third of Japanese marriages end in divorce four times as many as in the 1950s and twice as many as in the 1970s. Part of the decline in the divorce rate is the result of fewer couples getting married first.

What is a normal age gap for dating in Japan?

1.4 years (pdf) in Japan. Examples around the world: Age differences between heterosexual couples are found in all cultures. Several evolutionary explanations have been proposed (because older men may be more fertile than younger men) but none are easily testable.

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