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What color do Japanese wear at weddings?

1. Introduction

Weddings are some of the most important and special days in a person’s life. They signify the joining of two families and the start of a new life together. In Japan, weddings are celebrated in a traditional way that has been passed down from generation to generation. The attire worn by the wedding party is an important part of this tradition, and it is essential to understand what colors Japanese typically wear at weddings.

2. Traditional Japanese Wedding Attire

In traditional Japanese weddings, both the bride and groom will wear a kimono known as a shiro-maku. This is usually white in color, with long sleeves and a wide collar that is embroidered with intricate designs. The groom will also wear an outer garment called an uchikake, which is usually brightly colored with gold or silver embroidery on it.

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3. The Color of the Kimono

The color of the kimono worn by the bride and groom can vary depending on their family’s traditions or personal preferences. However, white is typically seen as being the most appropriate color for a wedding kimono because it symbolizes purity and freshness. It also reflects well against other colors, such as those found in nature or in traditional Japanese artwork like ukiyo-e prints.

4. Men’s Formal Wear at Weddings

In addition to wearing a kimono for their wedding ceremony, men may also opt to wear formal Western-style clothing such as suits or tuxedos for their reception or afterparty celebrations. These are usually black or dark gray in color and accessorized with a tie or bowtie that matches the color scheme of the event.

5. Women’s Formal Wear at Weddings

For women attending weddings in Japan, there are several different options for formalwear depending on their preference and budget. Some may choose to rent or purchase a traditional kimono for the occasion while others may opt for more modern styles such as cocktail dresses or evening gowns in muted colors like beige, ivory, navy blue, burgundy red, deep purple, etc..

6 Modern Japanese Wedding Attire

In recent years there has been an increase in couples choosing more modern styles for their wedding day attire instead of sticking to traditional customs like wearing kimonos.For example, some brides may opt to wear white gowns instead while grooms may choose suits instead of kimonos.This shift towards modernity allows couples to express their individual style while still maintaining elements of tradition within their ceremony and celebration.

7 What Colors Do Japanese Wear at Weddings?

The answer to this question really depends on personal preference and family traditions but typically white is seen as being the most appropriate color for both men’s and women’s formalwear at weddings in Japan.Men may choose to wear black or dark gray suits while women can opt for more muted colors like beige,ivory,navy blue,burgundy red,deep purple etc.Additionally,modern couples may choose any other color they prefer if they wish to add some personal flair to their special day.

8 Conclusion

Japanese weddings are steeped in tradition but over time they have evolved with modern influences.While traditionally white was seen as being most appropriate when it comes to wedding attire,today couples can express themselves through different colors if they wish.Ultimately,what matters most is that both parties feel comfortable and confident on one of the most special days of their lives!


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What is the dress code for Japanese weddings?

Japanese Wedding Dress The bride wears a white dress called a shiromuku and the groom wears a hakama skirt and jacket with his family coat. After the ceremony the bride can change into a patterned kimono for photos. March 29 2022

Do Japanese wear red to a wedding?

The white kimono is the formal wedding dress worn by the bride for the ceremony and the red kimono is the gown worn by the bride for the reception. The groom can wear a black wedding kimono throughout the entire day of the wedding if he wishes. The groom can change into a tuxedo/suit for the wedding reception.

What color tie to wear to Japanese wedding?

Any color is fine except white which is also banned in Japan unless otherwise specified. Men can wear a standard dark suit and tie but cannot wear black tie as it is reserved for funerals.

Why are Japanese wedding dresses red?

Japanese brides wear white silk wedding kimono with red accents to symbolize happiness and new beginnings. Silver gold red and white clothes are common.

What colors not to wear in Japan?

White should be avoided although you can wear black at a more casual wedding. On the other hand not all rules and customs. Bright colors and patterns are welcome at weddings because it is a celebration after all – although anything too bright is considered inappropriate. March 29 2022

What colors are not allowed at a wedding?

Traditionally the only color wedding guests are not allowed to use is white for obvious reasons—no one wants to distract the bride.

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