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What does two fingers up mean in Japan?

1. Introduction

The two-finger salute is a gesture that is used in many cultures around the world, but it has special significance in Japan. It is an ancient gesture that has been used to show respect and honor for centuries. In this article, we will explore what the two-finger salute means in Japan and how to use it appropriately.

2. What Does Two Fingers Up Mean in Japan?

In Japan, the two-finger salute is known as “tegatana” or “katate shashin”, which literally translates to “hand sword”. This gesture is used to show respect and appreciation towards another person and is often seen when greeting someone or offering thanks. It can also be used to express admiration or gratitude for a job well done.

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3. The Significance of the Two-Finger Salute in Japan

The two-finger salute has been an important part of Japanese culture since ancient times and has been passed down through generations as a sign of respect and honor. In traditional Japanese culture, it was seen as a way to show humility before someone more powerful than oneself, such as a ruler or samurai warrior. Today, it is still seen as an appropriate way to show respect in many different social situations and can be used both formally and informally.

4. The Cultural Origins of the Two-Finger Salute in Japan

The two-finger salute originated from the samurai warriors of feudal Japan who would raise their swords with two fingers extended as a sign of respect before battle or when entering into negotiations with an enemy clan leader. This gesture was later adopted by other members of society as a way to show respect for those more powerful than themselves, such as their elders or superiors at work or school.

5. Different Variations of the Two-Finger Salute in Japan

There are several different variations on the two-finger salute depending on who you are saluting and why you are saluting them:

– When saluting someone higher up than yourself (such as your boss) you should raise both arms with your palms facing upwards while keeping your elbows close together; this signifies deference and humility towards your superior;

– When saluting someone lower than yourself (such as a student) you should raise one arm with your palm facing downwards while keeping your elbow close together; this signifies authority over the person being saluted;

– When offering thanks for something (such as a gift) you should keep both hands clasped together near your chest; this signifies appreciation for what was received;

– When greeting someone (such as when meeting them for the first time) you should keep both hands clasped together near your waist; this signifies politeness when introducing oneself to another person.

6. How to Use the Two-Finger Salute Appropriately in Japan

When using the two-finger salute in Japan it is important to remember that there are certain social rules that must be followed:

– Always make sure that you are respectful when using this gesture;

– Never use it frivolously or jokingly;

– Do not point directly at anyone with your fingers when making this gesture; instead keep them slightly apart from each other but still pointing towards your intended recipient;

– Make sure that you do not make any sudden movements while performing this gesture – keep everything slow and steady so that there is no confusion about what you are doing;

– Avoid making any facial expressions while performing this gesture – keep everything neutral so that there is no misunderstanding about its meaning or intent;

– Make sure that everyone present understands why you are using this gesture – if necessary explain its purpose beforehand so that everyone knows what’s going on!

7.Other Ways to Show Respect in Japanese Culture

In addition to using the two-finger salute there are several other ways to show respect in Japanese culture:

– Bowing – A bow can be used instead of (or alongside) the two finger salute when greeting someone or expressing gratitude/appreciation towards them;

– Kneeling – Kneeling down before someone shows extreme deference towards them – usually reserved for people higher up than yourself such as royalty or religious figures;

– Clapping – Clapping after someone has finished speaking shows approval/agreement with their words – especially useful during formal occasions such as speeches/presentations etc.;

– Gift Giving – Giving gifts (especially food items) shows appreciation towards someone else – often done after receiving favors from them etc.;


The two finger salute is an ancient tradition in Japanese culture which symbolizes respect and honor towards others. Knowing how and when to use it appropriately will help ensure that no offense is taken by anyone involved! By following these guidelines, you can ensure that everyone around you knows just how much they matter!

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What does two fingers upwards mean?

2. Doing something rude as a way of showing that you dont care what someone thinks. This is his way of supporting the company with two fingers. Synonyms and related words. To be cruel or inhumane to someone.

What does the two finger gesture mean?

The salad is done with the index and middle fingers extended and touching each other while the ring and pinky are bent and touching with the thumb. The fingertips of the middle and index fingers touch the top of the two-fingered hat a symbol of honor and country (Honor i Ojczyzna).

What does it mean when you hold up 2 fingers in a picture?

What does it mean to see two fingers? This gesture is used in painting and can be understood as a symbol of victory peace and happiness.

What is the rude hand gesture in Japan?

In Japanese culture pointing fingers is considered immoral because the person blaming is associated with clearly pointing out the wrongdoing or behavior of the other person. Pointing and pointing repeatedly while talking to another person is considered a sign of extreme frustration or dissatisfaction.

What does 3 fingers up mean slang?

Residents of District 12 use the three-finger salute when they need to say thank you or show love and respect for that person.

What does 2/4 fingers up mean?

This sign can be translated as maximum effort on the football field. A player puts up four fingers to indicate that he is ready to play his last crucial 15 minutes of the game. This cue reminds everyone to keep their cool and play the best game they can.

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