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What happens at a Japanese wedding?

1. Introduction

Japanese weddings are a beautiful blend of traditional culture, customs and modern trends. They are steeped in centuries of tradition, from the ceremony itself to the attire and food served at the reception. In this article, we will explore what happens at a Japanese wedding, from pre-wedding events to post-wedding events.

2. Types of Japanese Weddings

There are two main types of Japanese weddings: Shinto and Christian. Shinto weddings are considered more traditional and involve a religious ceremony conducted by a Shinto priest. The bride and groom exchange vows at the shrine and then share sake (rice wine) with their families. Christian weddings are more westernized and involve a ceremony conducted by a pastor or priest, often in addition to the exchange of rings and vows.

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3. Pre-Wedding Events

Prior to the wedding day, there are several pre-wedding events that take place including engagement ceremonies, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, etc. During these events gifts such as money or household items may be given to the couple from their families or friends as part of the celebration leading up to the big day.

4. Ceremony Details

The wedding ceremony is usually held in either a Shinto shrine or church depending on which type of wedding is being held. During the ceremony there may be several rituals performed such as exchanging rings or sipping sake together as part of an ancient ritual known as san-san-kudo (three times three). After this ritual has been completed, it is customary for both families to exchange gifts such as money or other household items in order to symbolize their commitment to each other’s family unit going forward into married life together.

5. Reception Details

The reception is usually held at a hotel or banquet hall where guests can enjoy food and drinks while celebrating with the newlywed couple. During this time speeches may be given by family members or close friends wishing them well on their journey together through marriage followed by entertainment such as music or dancing for everyone’s enjoyment.

6 Post-Wedding Events

After the reception has concluded there may be additional post-wedding events such as an after party for close friends & family only or even another reception for those who were unable to attend due to distance & timing issues etc.. It is also common for couples to go on honeymoons after their wedding day which can range from domestic trips within Japan all the way up to international destinations depending on budget & preference!

7 Traditional Attire for Guests & Couple

One of the most iconic aspects of any Japanese wedding is its traditional attire! For men it is typically a black kimono while women wear brightly colored kimonos with elaborate designs & patterns depending on season & occasion! It is also customary for both bride & groom to wear special headpieces known as ‘kanzashi’ which have been worn by brides since ancient times!

8 Food & Drinks at a Japanese Wedding

Food plays an important role in any Japanese wedding celebration! Traditional dishes such as sushi & tempura are often served along with sake (rice wine) which symbolizes good luck & prosperity for newlywed couples! Other popular dishes include yakitori (grilled chicken skewers), soba noodles, udon noodles & various types of sweets like mochi (rice cakes)!

9 Conclusion

In conclusion Japanese weddings offer something truly unique compared to other cultures around world! From its traditional ceremonies steeped in centuries old customs all way up modern receptions featuring delicious cuisine & entertainment – there no shortage things enjoy when attending one these special celebrations!

Do they kiss in Japanese weddings?

In a typical Western wedding the highlight of the ceremony is when the bride and groom exchange their vows and share a kiss. This is not the case as kissing is considered a very intimate act in Japan. Indeed public displays of affection are generally frowned upon in Japanese culture.

How is Japanese marriage done?

In Japan marriage is a legal and social institution at the center of the home (eg). Couples are legally married after changing their status on the family registration sheet without the need for a ceremony.

How long do Japanese weddings last?

A Japanese wedding is an all-day event. It usually begins with a traditional ceremony at a shrine. A priest performs a wedding ceremony. Japanese couples sometimes get married in Christian churches under the guidance of priests and shrine maidens.

What happens after the kiss at a wedding?

The retreat begins immediately after the first kiss and usually follows in reverse order of the procession. He walks down the aisle anew – but not before the maid of honor returns the decorations and if necessary directs the brides dress and train.

How much money do you give for a Japanese wedding?

Guests usually donate amounts depending on their relationship with the bride and groom. Single friends and colleagues cost an average of ¥30000 but bosses can give ¥50000 or ¥70000. The couple usually donates 50000 yen. April 26 2020

What age can a girl get married in Japan?

Japans citizenship law sets the naturalization age at 18 for boys and 16 for girls. People under the age of 20 cannot marry in Japan without parental permission. From 2022 the legal marriage age for men and women will be one year old.

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