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How long do Japanese weddings last?

1. Introduction

A Japanese wedding is a unique and special event that celebrates the union of two people. It is a time of joy and celebration for family, friends, and loved ones. But just how long does a Japanese wedding last? The answer to this question is not as straightforward as it may seem. In this article, we will explore the length of a traditional Japanese wedding day, including pre-wedding events and post-wedding celebrations, as well as common reasons that may affect the length of the wedding day.

2. Traditional Japanese Wedding Ceremony

The traditional Japanese wedding ceremony typically lasts around 30 minutes. During this time, the bride and groom exchange vows in front of their families and friends in a Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple. This is followed by a procession outside the shrine or temple with traditional music playing in the background.

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3. Pre-Wedding Events

Prior to the ceremony, there are often several pre-wedding events that take place over several days leading up to the big day. These events include things such as hair styling for both bride and groom, attending various ceremonies at shrines or temples, and attending a rehearsal dinner with close family members and friends. Depending on how many pre-wedding events are planned for your special day, these activities can add anywhere between 1-4 hours to your total wedding day timeline.

4. The Wedding Reception

The reception usually takes place immediately after the ceremony at either a hotel banquet hall or restaurant setting where guests can enjoy food and drinks while celebrating with the newly married couple. On average, receptions can last anywhere from 3-5 hours depending on how many speeches are made by family members or friends during this time period along with any other activities planned throughout the evening such as dances or games for guests to participate in.

5. Post-Wedding Celebrations

In addition to pre-wedding events and receptions, there are often other post-wedding celebrations such as an after party at someone’s home or an overnight stay at a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn). These additional activities can add another 1–3 hours onto your total wedding day timeline depending on which type of celebration you choose to have after your ceremony has ended for the night.

6 Length of the Wedding Day for Different Types of Weddings


The length of your wedding day will depend on what type of wedding you plan on having whether it be a traditional Shinto ceremony or something more modern like an outdoor garden ceremony etc… For example: A traditional Shinto ceremony will typically last around 4–5 hours whereas an outdoor garden ceremony could last anywhere from 6–8 hours depending on how many additional activities you plan throughout your special day such as photo shoots etc…

7 Common Reasons for a Longer or Shorter Japanese Wedding Day

There are several common reasons why some couples choose to have longer or shorter weddings than others such as budget constraints, religious beliefs/practices, cultural customs etc… For instance: Some couples may choose to have shorter weddings if their budget does not allow them enough time for all their desired activities while some couples may opt for longer weddings if they wish to adhere more closely to their cultural customs which may involve having multiple ceremonies throughout their special day such as tea ceremonies etc…

8 Tips for Planning a Japanese Wedding Day Timeline

When planning out your timeline for your special day it’s important that you take into consideration all aspects of what makes up a traditional Japanese wedding such as pre-wedding events, receptions, post-wedding celebrations etc… Additionally it’s important to also factor in any other additional activities you plan on doing throughout your special day such as photo shoots etc… Lastly it’s important that you have realistic expectations when planning out your timeline so that everything runs smoothly without any unexpected surprises along the way!

9 Conclusion

In conclusion, there is no definitive answer when it comes to determining how long do Japanese weddings last? As each couple’s individual circumstances play an integral role in determining how long their special day will last – from pre-wedding events all the way through post-wedding celebrations – it’s important that couples take into consideration all aspects involved when planning out their own personal timelines so that they can make sure everything runs smoothly without any unexpected surprises along the way!

Do they kiss in Japanese weddings?

Do they kiss at an Italian wedding? A typical Western wedding ceremony is when the bride and groom exchange vows and a kiss. Not so in Japan where kissing is considered a very intimate act.

How much money do you give at a Japanese wedding?

Usually guests give money based on their relationship with the bride or groom. ¥30000 is the average for single friends and colleagues while executives can give ¥50000 or ¥70000. Married couples usually give ¥50000. Relatives give more. April 26 2020

What to expect at a Japanese wedding?

In the ceremony the bride and groom are purified they drink wine and the groom recites the words of promise. At the end of the ceremony symbolic offerings are made to the kami (Shinto deities). The couple is wearing traditional kimono. After the ceremony the bride and groom welcome the guests.

What is a Japanese wedding like?

Today traditional Japanese ceremonies are performed in Shinto style by Shinto priests at shrines. Ceremonies are very casual and often very private with only immediate family and a few guests present. Bai Wuchang. Brides who choose a Shinto-style wedding wear a white kimono called a shiro-muku.

Who pays for a Japanese wedding?

Sometimes the brides family pays for the wedding. Sometimes the groom or both families share the expenses. The family is often pressured to host a wedding and then take out a large loan to pay for it. Parents are willing to foot a big bill in order not to lose face.

Can you marry a pillow in Japan?

A 28-year-old otaku (a Japanese term loosely translated between obsessive and geek) married a pillow in a special ceremony after a local priest dressed her in a wedding dress.

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