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What is difficult to learn Japanese?

1. Introduction

Learning Japanese can be a daunting task for many language learners. As one of the oldest languages in the world, it has its own unique set of grammar and writing systems that can be difficult to master. In this article, we will explore what is difficult to learn Japanese, as well as provide some tips to make the process easier.

2. Difficulty of Learning Japanese Grammar

One of the most difficult aspects of learning Japanese is mastering its grammar rules. The language has multiple levels of politeness and honorifics that must be used depending on the situation and who you are speaking to. There are also different verb endings to indicate tense and formality, as well as particles that change meaning depending on context. For example, “wa” can mean “by” or “and” depending on how it is used in a sentence.

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3. Difficulty of Learning Kanji

Kanji is another challenge when learning Japanese. Kanji refers to Chinese characters used in written Japanese which represent words or phrases rather than individual sounds like letters in English do. It takes years to master all the kanji characters and their meanings, but even basic knowledge is necessary for reading comprehension in Japanese.

4. Difficulty of Pronunciation and Accent

Pronunciation can also be tricky when learning Japanese since there are more syllables than English has letters, so there are many more potential combinations for words than English has sounds available for pronunciation. Additionally, there are many accent patterns that must be mastered to sound natural when speaking Japanese with native speakers, such as intonation changes between sentences or phrases and changing vowel length depending on context or emphasis needed in a sentence.

5. Difficulty of Learning Japanese Vocabulary

Japanese vocabulary can also be challenging because there are different levels of politeness often associated with certain words or phrases which must be used appropriately depending on who you are speaking with and the context of the conversation at hand. Additionally, some words have multiple meanings so it is important to know which one is appropriate for each situation in order to communicate effectively in Japanese with native speakers.

6. Difficulty of Understanding Japanese Culture and Etiquette

Understanding cultural norms such as bowing etiquette or when it is appropriate to use honorifics is also important when learning how to speak Japanese properly and effectively communicating with native speakers from Japan.This aspect can take time and experience living within Japan or interacting with native speakers regularly to understand fully how these cultural norms should be applied within conversations.

7. Tips to Make Learning Japanese Easier


To make learning easier,Charles R Tokoyama,CEO at Japan Insiders,suggests immersing yourself in the language by watching movies,listening to music,reading books,magazines or online articles.He also suggests using apps such as Anki Flashcards,Memrise,Drops or Lingodeer which allow you practice your vocabulary while providing feedback on pronunciation.Additionally,he recommends joining a conversation club where you can practice your skills while getting feedback from more experienced learners.


Learning any language takes time and dedication but especially so for complex languages like Japanese.With enough effort however anyone can become proficient at speaking this language if they understand what makes it difficult first before diving into any lessons.By understanding what makes learning this language difficult one can better prepare themselves by focusing their efforts towards mastering these areas first before moving onto other aspects such as pronunciation or culture related topics.

9.Resources for Learning Japanese

Below are some recommended resources for those wanting to learn more about the language :

• Charles R Tokoyama’s website – Japan Insiders :

• Anki Flashcards :

• Memrise : /

• Drops : https://languagesdrops com /en /learn -japanese

• Lingodeer : https://lingodeer com /en_US /learn -japanese

How long does it realistically take to learn Japanese?

According to the US Department of State Japanese is the most difficult language for British people to learn. It does not have many grammatical similarities with the Latin language. They estimate that it will take 88 weeks of instruction or 2200 hours to achieve the qualification.

Which is harder Japanese or Korean?

Unlike other East Asian languages Korean is not a tonal language. This means that the meaning of the word does not change regardless of your pronunciation. This makes learning Korean much easier than Japanese.

Is Japanese harder or Chinese harder?

Learning Japanese is a little easier. But the Chinese language is widespread. Both languages ​​have their advantages and disadvantages.

What is the main problem faced by the Japanese?

Addressing Japans population problems are long-term social and economic problems in Japan. Japans fertility rate has fallen sharply since the 1970s. 7 This means that the number of young people entering the workforce is decreasing which has reduced the production capacity of the country.

What happens to your brain when you learn Japanese?

A study of Japanese language learners measured for the first time how brain activity changes a few months after learning a new language. The results show that learning a new language increases brain activity initially which then decreases as language skills improve.

What do Japanese people struggle with in English?

The reason Japanese people have difficulty using English is because the Japanese language has a limited range of sounds. Until a person learns the pronunciation and nuances of a foreign language in childhood the brain can barely tell the difference.

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