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What is Sugoi in Japanese?


Sugoi is a Japanese word that has become popular worldwide, thanks to the anime and manga culture. It is a word used to express amazement or admiration for something or someone. In this article, we’ll delve into the meaning of sugoi and its various uses in different contexts.

What does Sugoi mean?

The most common translation of sugoi in English is “amazing” or “awesome.” However, it has a broader meaning than that. Sugoi can also mean “great,” “incredible,” “fantastic,” or “terrific.” The word can be used to describe anything that exceeds expectations, including a person’s abilities, an event, or an object.

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Origins of Sugoi

The word sugoi comes from the Japanese verb sugiru, which means “to exceed” or “to go beyond.” The suffix -i is added to indicate the adjective form of the word. Therefore, sugoi literally means “excessive” or “going beyond.” The word has been in use in Japan for centuries and is deeply ingrained in the language and culture.

Usage of Sugoi

Sugoi is a versatile word that can be used in various contexts. It can be used to express admiration or amazement for someone’s abilities, such as an athlete’s performance. It can also be used to describe an object’s quality, such as a delicious meal or a beautiful sunset. Additionally, sugoi can be used to express excitement or surprise about an event or situation.

Sugoi in Anime and Manga

Sugoi has become popular in the anime and manga culture and is often used by characters to express their enthusiasm or awe. In this context, sugoi can be used to describe anything from a powerful attack to a new gadget. It has become a catchphrase among anime and manga fans worldwide.

Alternatives to Sugoi

While sugoi is a common word in Japanese, there are several alternatives that can be used to express similar meanings. For example, subarashii means “wonderful” or “splendid,” while kawaii means “cute.” Additionally, sugoku can be used as an intensifier to express a higher degree of amazement.

Regional Variations of Sugoi

Like many Japanese words, the meaning and usage of sugoi can vary depending on the region. In some areas, sugoi can have negative connotations and be used to express sarcasm or irony. In other regions, it may be used more sparingly or in specific situations.

Expressing Sugoi in Writing

When writing in Japanese, sugoi can be expressed in different ways depending on the context. For example, it can be written in hiragana (すごい) or kanji (凄い). Additionally, it can be combined with other words to create compound expressions that convey a more specific meaning.

Sugoi in Pop Culture

Sugoi has become a popular term in pop culture worldwide, thanks to its use in anime and manga. It has been adopted by fans of Japanese culture and is often used as a way to express enthusiasm or admiration for something.

Translation Challenges

While sugoi is often translated as “amazing” or “awesome” in English, it can be challenging to convey its full meaning accurately. The word has cultural nuances that may not be easily translatable, making it essential to understand its context and usage fully.


Sugoi is a versatile word that has become popular worldwide, thanks to its use in anime and manga. It is a word used to express admiration or amazement for something or someone and has a broader meaning than simply “amazing” or “awesome.” Understanding its context and usage is crucial to conveying its full meaning accurately.

What does Japanese Sugoi mean?

The word “sugoi” means both positive and negative things, such as terrible, dreadful, amazing, or great.

Does Sugoi mean cool?

In Japanese, the word “Sugoi” can be used to express amazement or admiration and means “awesome” or “incredible”. It can be used in two ways, either as an interjection to express awe or as an adverb to mean “really” or “very”. The word is commonly used when describing an impressive or amazing action, object or situation.

What does Sugoi Kirei mean?

When used as an adjective in phrases like “sugoi jyouzu” and “sugoi Kirei,” (although the correct way is “sugoku jyouzu” and “sugoku Kirei”), the word “sugoku” means “very” and emphasizes someone’s exceptional ability or beauty.

What does Sugoku mean in Japanese?

The word “sugoi” can mean both negative things like “horrible” and positive things like “terrific” or “amazing.” It can also be used as an adverb with “sugoku” to intensify the meaning.

Is Sugoi a compliment?

The word “sugoi” is a Japanese compliment used to express admiration for someone’s attitude or behavior, or to show appreciation for something that is impressive. This expression is used based on intuition rather than deliberate thought.

What is slang for cool Japanese?

“Kakkee” is a shortened version of the Japanese term カッコイイ, which means “cool.” Pronouncing it as “Kakkee” emphasizes that the person is attractive and cool.

In addition to its usage in Japanese pop culture, sugoi has also made its way into other areas of popular culture. It is often used in social media and online forums by fans of anime and manga to express their excitement or admiration for something they have seen or read. This has led to the word becoming a part of internet slang, with variations such as “sugoi desu ne” or “sugoi kawaii” being commonly used.

The use of sugoi is not limited to the Japanese language either. In recent years, the word has become more widely known in English-speaking countries, with many people using it to describe things they find impressive or amazing. This is a testament to the global impact of Japanese pop culture and the influence it has had on popular vernacular.

Despite its widespread use in popular culture, it is important to note that sugoi is still a formal word in the Japanese language. It is not appropriate to use it in every situation, and it should be reserved for situations where expressing admiration or amazement is appropriate. As with any language, it is important to understand the context and cultural nuances surrounding the word in order to use it correctly.

In conclusion, sugoi is a versatile and widely used word that has become a part of global popular culture. Its meaning goes beyond simply “amazing” or “awesome,” and understanding its context and usage is crucial for conveying its full meaning accurately. Whether you’re a fan of anime and manga or simply looking for a way to express your admiration for something, sugoi is a word that can be used to convey your enthusiasm and appreciation.

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