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What is the Japanese apple called?


The Japanese apple, also known as the Japanese persimmon apple, is a unique fruit with a long history and cultural significance in Japan. This article will explore the different names of the Japanese apple, its characteristics, how it is grown, and its uses in Japanese cuisine and culture.

The Names of the Japanese Apple

The Japanese apple is known by several names in Japan, including kaki, kaki no tane, and kaki fruit. Outside of Japan, it is often referred to as the Japanese persimmon apple. The name “kaki” comes from the Japanese word for “persimmon,” which is fitting since the fruit resembles a persimmon in texture and appearance.

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The Characteristics of the Japanese Apple

The Japanese apple has a unique texture that is both crisp and juicy. It has a sweet flavor that is often compared to honey or caramel. The skin of the fruit is thin and edible, while the flesh is soft and pulpy. The fruit is typically round or oval-shaped and can range in color from light yellow to deep orange-red.

Growing the Japanese Apple

The Japanese apple tree is native to Japan and thrives in temperate climates. The tree can grow up to 30 feet tall and requires well-drained soil and full sun exposure. The fruit typically ripens in late fall or early winter and can be harvested by hand or using mechanical means.

Uses in Japanese Cuisine

The Japanese apple is a popular ingredient in traditional Japanese cuisine. It is often used in desserts such as cakes, pies, and puddings. It can also be used as a topping for ice cream or mixed with other fruits to make a fruit salad. In savory dishes, the fruit can be used in salads or as a garnish for meat dishes.

Cultural Significance

The Japanese apple has been a symbol of good fortune and prosperity in Japan for centuries. In some regions of Japan, it is customary to offer kaki fruit as a gift during the New Year’s holiday. The fruit is also associated with longevity and health due to its high nutritional value.

Health Benefits

The Japanese apple is packed with nutrients such as vitamins A, C, and K, fiber, and antioxidants. These nutrients help boost immunity, prevent chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease, and improve digestive health.

Different Varieties

There are several different varieties of Japanese apples available, each with its own unique flavor profile and characteristics. Some popular varieties include Fuyu, Hachiya, and Jiro.

How to Select and Store

When selecting Japanese apples at the grocery store or farmers’ market, look for fruit that is firm to the touch and free of bruises or blemishes. Store the apples at room temperature until they are ripe, then transfer them to the refrigerator to extend their shelf life.

Preparing the Fruit

To prepare a Japanese apple for eating or cooking, simply wash it under running water and remove any stems or leaves. The skin of the fruit can be eaten or peeled off depending on personal preference.


In conclusion, the Japanese apple is a unique fruit with a long history and cultural significance in Japan. Whether eaten raw or cooked, this delicious fruit offers many health benefits and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. So next time you’re looking for something sweet and nutritious to snack on, give the Japanese apple a try!

What is the famous Japanese apple?

Aomori is not only the top producer of apples in Japan, but also has the highest quality apples in the world. Many people consider Aomori apples to be the most delicious, and visitors from other countries often notice the superior taste compared to the apples they have at home.

What is the Japanese green apple called?

The Mutsu apple, also called the Crispin apple, is a hybrid fruit created by crossing Golden Delicious and Indo apple varieties in Japan. It has a green skin and the inside can be either white or yellowish-green in color. The shape of the fruit can be round, conical, or oblong with uneven sides.

What are the different types of Japanese apples?

There are many types of apples available in Aomori, including Akane, Akibae, Gold, Kiou, Miki, Mutsu, Santsugaru, Sekaiichi, Saika, Sansa, Sweet Melody, Toki, Tsugaru, Fuji, Wasefuji, Orin, and Kinsei (which are green). The traditional Aomori apple is known for its large size, bright red color, and sweet taste, making it a satisfying snack on its own.

What are the red apples in Japan?

Red Mutsu apples, which are scientifically known as Malus domestica, are a type of apple that belongs to the Rosaceae family and ripen midway through the season. These apples were first created in Japan and were named after the Mutsu province. They are a cross between a golden delicious and an indo apple.

What are the 3 famous apple in the world?

The first apple is known for being the one that led Isaac Newton to discover gravity. The second apple is the Apple iPhone, created by Steve Jobs. The third apple is the fruit mentioned in the Bible’s Genesis Chapter 3, sometimes referred to as “Eve’s apple.”

What is the best eating apple in the world?

Choosing the perfect apple for snacking is subjective, but some popular options include SweeTango®, Honeycrisp, Piñata®, Pink Lady, and Fuji. Each variety offers a crisp and sweet flavor that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Challenges in Growing Japanese Apples

While the Japanese apple tree is generally hardy and easy to care for, there are some challenges that growers may face. One of the biggest challenges is preventing birds and other pests from eating the fruit before it is ripe. Growers may use netting or other protective measures to keep birds away from the fruit. Additionally, Japanese apple trees are susceptible to diseases such as fire blight and canker, which can be controlled through proper pruning and use of fungicides.

Buying Japanese Apples Online

For those who don’t have access to a local farmers’ market or grocery store that carries Japanese apples, it is possible to buy them online. Many specialty food retailers offer a wide variety of Japanese apples for sale, including rare and hard-to-find varieties. When buying Japanese apples online, be sure to read reviews and check the seller’s reputation to ensure that you are getting high-quality fruit.

Japanese Apple Recipes

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to use Japanese apples in your cooking, there are many recipes available online. From sweet desserts like apple pie and crumbles to savory dishes like salads and meat glazes, there are endless possibilities for incorporating this delicious fruit into your meals. Some popular Japanese apple recipes include baked apples with cinnamon, persimmon apple chutney, and Japanese apple pancakes.


Overall, the Japanese apple is a unique and versatile fruit that has played an important role in Japanese culture for centuries. Whether you’re looking for a healthy snack or a delicious ingredient for your next recipe, this sweet and juicy fruit is sure to satisfy. With its many health benefits and rich flavor profile, it’s no wonder that the Japanese apple has become a beloved food around the world.

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