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What Japanese name means red rose?


Japan is known for its rich culture and language. One of the most beautiful things in nature is a red rose. Many people are curious about what Japanese name means red rose. In this article, we will explore the name and its significance in Japanese culture.

The Meaning of Red Roses in Japanese Culture

Before diving into the name, it is important to understand the significance of red roses in Japanese culture. In Japan, red roses represent love, passion, and devotion. They are often given as gifts on Valentine’s Day or used in wedding ceremonies to symbolize the love between two people.

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The Japanese Name for Red Rose

The Japanese name for red rose is “Akabana” (赤バラ). “Aka” (赤) means “red,” and “Bana” (バラ) means “rose.” The name is a combination of the two words and directly translates to “red rose.”

Other Names for Red Roses in Japanese

In addition to Akabana, there are other words that can be used to describe a red rose in Japanese. For example, “Benibara” (紅バラ) means “crimson rose” or “Kurenai no bara” (紅の薔薇) means “scarlet rose.”

The Significance of the Name Akabana

The name Akabana has a deeper meaning beyond its literal translation. In Japanese culture, colors hold significant value and are often associated with emotions or concepts. The color red represents passion, love, and vitality. Therefore, the name Akabana not only describes the physical appearance of a red rose but also represents the intense emotions associated with it.

How to Use the Name Akabana

If you want to refer to a red rose in Japanese, you can use the name Akabana. For example, if you want to buy a bouquet of red roses in Japan, you can ask for “Akabana no buke” (赤バラのブーケ).

Other Uses of Akabana

Akabana can also be used as a name for people or places. It is not a common name but has been used in literature and television shows as a character name. Additionally, there are some hotels and restaurants in Japan with the name Akabana.

The Symbolism of Roses in Japan

While red roses are commonly associated with love and passion in Japan, different colors of roses hold different meanings. For example, pink roses represent gratitude and appreciation, while yellow roses represent friendship and joy.


In conclusion, the Japanese name for red rose is “Akabana.” This name not only describes the physical appearance of a red rose but also represents the intense emotions associated with it. Roses hold significant value in Japanese culture and are often used to symbolize love and passion.



What name in Japanese means rose?

This list displays flowers commonly found in Japan and their corresponding meanings. The names are given in both the Japanese alphabet and Romaji, with English translations provided. The first few entries include the white rose, yellow rose, and pink rose, followed by the sweet pea and more.

What name means rose red?

Rosie refers to red roses from England, while Poppy refers to reddish-orange flowers also from England. Ruby refers to the gemstone of English origin, and Roisin is the Irish term for a small rose.

What Japanese name means wild rose?

Japanese term “野薔薇 Yěqiángwēi” means wild rose, and there are other Japanese words that can also be used to describe this flower.

What is the Japanese name for red?

The question is whether or not a color is “iro”. The colors that are listed include red (aka), green (midori), light blue (mizuiro), blue (ao), purple (murasaki), and 12 other colors.

What is the red flower in Japanese?

The higanbana is a flower that always blooms during the autumn equinox, hence its name. It is also known as the Red Spider Lily, Lycoris, or Cluster Amaryllis in English.

What Japanese name means red lotus?

Guren is a Japanese term that refers to a lotus flower with a crimson hue. It is often used artistically outside of Japan, while within the country it specifically refers to a crimson-colored lotus flower.

In addition to being used in gifts and ceremonies, red roses are also used in Japanese art and literature. The beauty and symbolism of the rose make it a popular subject for artists and writers. For example, the famous haiku poet Matsuo Basho wrote a poem about a red rose, which translates to “Winter solitude – in a world of one color, the sound of wind.” The rose is also a popular motif in traditional Japanese embroidery and pottery.

In Japanese mythology, there is a story about a red rose that bloomed in the garden of the goddess Amaterasu. The rose was said to have been so beautiful that it attracted the attention of the gods and goddesses who were passing by. This story further emphasizes the significance and beauty of the red rose in Japanese culture.

While red roses are popular in Japan, they are also grown locally in the country. Some of the most popular breeds include the “Hoh-Oh” (Phoenix) rose, which has bright red petals and a strong fragrance, and the “Kokyo” (Imperial Palace) rose, which has deep crimson petals and is often used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.

Overall, the red rose holds an important place in Japanese culture as a symbol of love and passion. Its beauty and significance are celebrated through art, literature, and even mythology. Whether given as a gift or simply admired for its beauty, the red rose will always hold a special place in Japanese culture.

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