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Where can you go in Japan if you have tattoos?

1. Introduction

Tattoos have long been a part of Japanese culture, with traditional designs often having spiritual or cultural significance. However, in recent years, tattoos have become more mainstream and are no longer viewed as taboo. As such, it is now possible to visit Japan with tattoos and enjoy all the country has to offer. In this article, we will explore where you can go in Japan if you have tattoos and what activities and attractions are available to those who are inked.

2. History of Tattoos in Japan

Tattooing has a long history in Japan, dating back thousands of years. It was originally used as a form of punishment or mark of shame, but eventually began to be used for decorative purposes by the samurai class during the Edo period (1603-1868). Tattoos were also popular among members of the Yakuza (Japanese mafia) and other criminal organizations during this time. The stigma around tattoos began to change after World War II when they became associated with counterculture movements such as punk rock and biker gangs.

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3. The Stigma Around Tattoos in Japan

While tattoos are becoming more accepted in Japan, there is still a stigma attached to them in certain areas of society. This is especially true for people with large or intricate designs that cover large parts of their body. Some public places such as gyms, swimming pools and onsen (hot springs) still prohibit people with visible tattoos from entering due to their association with organized crime groups like the Yakuza.

4. Places to Visit with Tattoos in Japan

Despite the stigma that still exists around tattoos in some areas of Japanese society, there are still plenty of places where you can visit if you have tattoos. Major cities like Tokyo and Osaka are generally more tolerant towards tattooed visitors than smaller towns or rural areas so it’s usually safe to wander around these cities without worrying about discrimination or judgement from locals.

5. Onsen and Hot Springs with Tattoos in Japan

Onsen (hot springs) are an integral part of Japanese culture and many travelers come to the country specifically for its hot springs experience. Fortunately, there are now several onsen that allow tattooed visitors so if you’re looking for an authentic Japanese experience then this could be an option for you! Be sure to check beforehand if your chosen onsen has a policy regarding tattoos as some may not allow them due to their association with gang activity or simply because they don’t want tattooed guests at their establishment..

6 Restaurants and Cafes with Tattoos in Japan

Visiting restaurants and cafes while traveling is one of the best ways to get a taste for local culture – literally! Luckily for those who have tattoos, many restaurants throughout Japan now welcome customers regardless of whether they’re sporting ink or not so you don’t need to worry about being turned away because of your body art! Just make sure you check beforehand if your chosen restaurant has any policies regarding tattoos before visiting just in case they do not accept guests who are visibly tattooed..

7 Shopping Centers with Tattoos in Japan

Shopping centers throughout Japan usually don’t have any policies regarding visitors who have visible tattoos so it should be safe to wander around these places without fear of discrimination or judgement from locals – just make sure you dress appropriately! Many shopping centers also offer discounts on certain days which can be great way save money while exploring different stores within the center..

8 Attractions and Activities with Tattoos in Japan


Japan is full of incredible attractions and activities that everyone can enjoy – even those who have visible tattoos! Popular tourist destinations such as Tokyo Disneyland allow guests regardless of whether they’re sporting ink or not so there’s no need to worry about being turned away due to your body art! Other attractions such as museums, temples, shrines etc usually don’t have any specific policies regarding visitors who have visible tattoos either so feel free explore all these amazing places without fear..

9 Conclusion

Visiting Japan with visible tattoos doesn’t need to be intimidating – there’s plenty of places where people can go regardless if they’re sporting ink or not! From restaurants & cafes through shopping centers & attractions – travelers can explore all that this amazing country has offer without worrying about discrimination or judgement from locals due their body art!

Can I visit Japan if I have tattoos?

But before we get into the details the short answer to the question in the title of this article is: Yes you can travel to Japan with a tattoo.

Can I go to hot springs in Japan with tattoos?

An increasing number of hot springs and public baths allow tattoos but there are still many people who do not. Etiquette is important to Japanese bathing culture and essential to a relaxing experience. Guests with ink should avoid these establishments and instead seek out one of the many facilities that allow tattoos.

How do you cover a tattoo in Japan?

In addition to a private onsen (which can be expensive) you can also purchase body stickers and skin wraps to cover up your body art. But most of these are small covers.

Can I go to Tokyo with tattoos?

Tattoos are really cool in Japan. They are not illegal at all. Especially in Tokyo you can even see some people walking around with fashion tattoos. Although some people in Japan have tattoos they are usually hidden under clothing.

Is it legal to VAPE in Japan?

It is illegal to sell e-cigarettes containing nicotine in Japan as they are medicinal products and therefore none have been approved as such. However Japanese newspapers can import up to a months worth of nicotine-containing e-cigarettes at a time.

Should foreigners cover tattoos in Japan?

Rules are very important in Japan and almost all onsen pools and gyms do not have tattoo rules so a foreigner approaching the tattoo table will cause problems. Just cover it up and cover the tattoo and its acceptable. Dont go into the neighborhood if you cant take cover.

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