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Can you go to a spa in Japan with tattoos?

1. Introduction

Visiting a spa in Japan is an amazing experience. From the beautiful scenery to the relaxing atmosphere, spas in Japan offer something for everyone. But if you have tattoos, can you still enjoy a spa experience in Japan? The answer is yes, but there are a few things to consider before you go. In this article, we will discuss the history of tattoos in Japan, what types of spas are available in Japan, and whether or not tattoos are accepted at spas. We will also provide tips for visiting a spa with tattoos in Japan and answer some frequently asked questions about visiting a spa with tattoos in Japan.

2. History of Tattoos in Japan

Tattoos have been part of Japanese culture for centuries. Traditionally, they were used as symbols of protection and strength by Samurai warriors and members of the Yakuza (Japanese organized crime syndicates). However, over time they have become more popular among the general population and now many people get tattoos as a form of self-expression or decoration.

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3. What Types of Spas are Available in Japan?

There are many different types of spas available in Japan including traditional hot springs (onsen), natural hot springs (rotenburo), public baths (sento), day spas (supa), and foot baths (ashiyu). Each type has its own unique features and services that make it perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

4. Are Tattoos Accepted at Spas in Japan?

In general, most spas do not allow people with visible tattoos to enter their facilities due to their association with organized crime groups such as the Yakuza. However, there are some exceptions to this rule depending on the type of spa you visit and your location within Japan.

5. Do Some Spas Have Specific Rules About Tattoos?

Yes, some spas have specific rules about tattoos depending on their location within Japan or the type of spa they are operating. For example, some public baths may only allow people with small or discreet tattoos while others may not allow any visible tattoos at all. Additionally, some natural hot springs may require that visitors cover up any visible tattoos while others may be more lenient about them being visible depending on their size and placement on your body.

6 How Can You Find Out if a Spa is Tattoo Friendly?

The best way to find out if a particular spa is tattoo friendly is to contact them directly prior to your visit or ask someone who has visited recently for advice about which places accept people with visible tattoos without issue. Additionally, many websites list information about which spas accept people with visible tattoos so be sure to check those out before making any decisions about where to go for your spa experience!

7 Tips for Visiting a Spa With Tattoos in Japan

If you plan on visiting a spa with visible tattoos while traveling through Japan there are several things you should keep in mind:

• Be sure to contact the spa ahead of time so that they know that you will be visiting with visible ink; this will help ensure that no problems arise during your visit due to misunderstandings regarding their policies

• Cover up any large or offensive designs; even if the facility accepts people with visible ink it’s important that you respect their wishes by covering up anything that could be considered inappropriate or offensive

• Be aware that certain areas may have stricter regulations than others regarding visible ink; if possible try to research ahead of time so that you can plan accordingly

• Be prepared for some stares; unfortunately there is still some stigma surrounding people who have visible ink but don’t let it deter you from enjoying your spa experience!

8 Conclusion

Visiting a spa while traveling through Japan can be an amazing experience regardless of whether or not you have visible ink! Just remember to contact the facility ahead of time so that they know what type of guest they’ll be welcoming into their establishment and always respect their wishes by covering up anything considered inappropriate or offensive when necessary! With these tips in mind anyone can enjoy a relaxing yet memorable trip filled with indulgent pampering sessions at one of the many luxurious spas throughout beautiful Japan!

9 FAQs About Visiting a Spa With Tattoos In Japan


Q: Are all spas tattoo friendly?
A: No, not all spas accept guests who show off their ink so it’s important to do research ahead of time before booking an appointment!

Q: Are there any special rules I should follow when visiting a spa with my tattoo?
A: Yes – always cover up any large or offensive designs when entering any establishment even if they accept guests with visible ink as it’s important to respect their wishes! Additionally, certain areas may have stricter regulations than others regarding this matter so make sure you do your research beforehand!

Can you go into Japanese hot springs with tattoos?

Traditionally visitors with tattoos have not been allowed in Japanese onsen (natural hot springs) due to ancient associations with organized crime. But times have changed and more and more onsen are relaxing their policies – in some cases to accommodate tattooed foreign tourists.

Where can I not go in Japan with tattoos?

Tattoos are very popular in Japan. They are not illegal in any way. Some people with trendy tattoos can be seen walking especially in Tokyo. Some people in Japan have tattoos but they are often hidden under their clothes.

Why are there no tattoos in Japanese baths?

Japan has banned tattoos in baths because of its traditional association with yakuza Japanese organized crime. This worked well in an era where only thugs got tattoos and Japanese people are generally wary of tattoos even today.

Can I cover my tattoo for onsen?

So dont use makeup to cover your tattoo. If youre going to the spa anyway I recommend using body tape or a simple clean bandage (should be available at any drugstore).

Do tourists have to cover tattoos in Japan?

Rules are very important in Japan and almost every pool sneaker or gym has no tattoo rules so I worry when foreigners walk into the office with tattoos on their eyes. Dont enter if you cant hide it. That environment.

How strict is Japan on tattoos?

Japan has a long-standing ban on tattoos that are still associated with organized crime. Many beach spa resorts and gyms do not allow people with tattoos inside. Companies often publicly ban applicants by signing them off.

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