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Why do Japanese wear towels in hot springs?

The Tradition of Wearing Towels in Japanese Hot Springs

Hot springs, known as “onsen” in Japan, have been a part of Japanese culture for centuries. Many Japanese people visit onsens regularly to relax and enjoy the natural hot water. One unique aspect of the onsen experience is the tradition of wearing towels while bathing. Here’s why:


Japanese hot springs are communal, meaning that many people bathe in the same water. To maintain proper hygiene, it’s essential to keep your towel with you at all times. You can use it to cover private parts of your body while walking around, and to wipe away sweat while soaking in the hot water.

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In Japanese culture, modesty is highly valued. Wearing a towel in the onsen helps people feel more comfortable and less self-conscious about their bodies. It also shows respect for others who may not want to see nudity.

Cultural Norms

In Japan, there are many cultural norms that are followed strictly. One of these norms is to wear a towel in the onsen. By following this tradition, visitors show that they respect Japanese culture and customs.

Gender Separation

Many onsens have separate areas for men and women. In these areas, it’s common for people to wear towels while bathing. This practice helps people feel more comfortable and relaxed while enjoying the hot water.


A towel can be used to sit on while bathing or to cushion hard surfaces like rocks or concrete around the hot spring. It can also be used as a pillow or headrest while soaking in the water.

Drying Off

After bathing, it’s important to dry off thoroughly to prevent catching a cold. The towel is used to dry off the body and hair thoroughly before getting dressed.

Personal Space

Wearing a towel can also help create a personal space in the communal bath. By placing the towel on the edge of the bath, one can reserve a spot for themselves and signal to others not to invade their personal space.


The tradition of wearing a towel in the onsen has been around for centuries. It’s an essential part of Japanese culture and is deeply rooted in the history of hot springs in Japan.

Respect for Others

In Japan, respect for others is essential. Wearing a towel in the onsen shows that you respect others’ privacy and comfort levels. It’s considered rude to walk around naked or without a towel in communal areas.


The onsen experience is all about relaxation and rejuvenation. Wearing a towel can help people feel more comfortable and relaxed while enjoying the hot water. It’s an essential part of the overall experience.

Cultural Exchange

Many people from around the world visit Japanese onsens every year. By following the tradition of wearing a towel, visitors show that they respect Japanese culture and are interested in learning about Japanese customs and practices.


The tradition of wearing towels in Japanese hot springs has been around for centuries and is deeply rooted in Japanese culture. It helps maintain hygiene, modesty, and personal space while promoting relaxation and respect for others. By following this tradition, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the unique onsen experience and learn more about Japanese culture and customs.

Why do people wear towels in hot springs?

To maintain cleanliness and hygiene in hot spring waters, clothes and bathing suits are not allowed as they can bring in dirt and soap from outside. Instead, people use small towels to cover their private areas while they enjoy the hot spring baths.

Do Japanese people wear towels in hot springs?

To enter an onsen in Japan, you must be fully naked as any clothing or towel is seen as impure and not allowed inside.

Do you wear towels in hot springs?

In hot springs, it is customary to be naked and wearing swimwear is not permitted. It is typical to bring a small towel to the bath area to maintain privacy while outside of the water.

Do the hot springs in Japan smell?

Tourists who visit hot spring towns in Japan often notice a faintly sulfuric odor. While it may not be the most appealing aroma, it is a sign that they are about to indulge in a calming and rejuvenating bath.

Do you shower after onsen?

It is advised to avoid showering after using an onsen, as washing off the minerals may diminish their healing properties. Nevertheless, a brief cold shower or bath after exiting the onsen is encouraged for its own health benefits.

Can you go in onsen with period?

If you are a woman and currently menstruating, it is advised to avoid entering an onsen bathing area. In Japan, blood is considered taboo, so it is not an appropriate time to enjoy the onsen experience. Although it may be frustrating, it is best to wait until a later time.

Variations in Towel Usage

While wearing a towel in the onsen is a common tradition, there are variations in how the towel is used. Some people prefer to wear the towel on their head while soaking in the water, while others use it to cover their face when entering or leaving the bath. Some people even bring multiple towels, one for drying off and another for covering up.

Towel Etiquette

There are some important etiquette rules to follow when using a towel in the onsen. Firstly, it’s important to keep the towel with you at all times and not leave it on the edge of the bath. Secondly, never let the towel touch the water as this can contaminate it. Lastly, it’s important to fold the towel neatly after use and not leave it lying around.

The Future of Towel Usage in Onsens

In recent years, there has been some debate about whether wearing a towel in onsens should continue to be a tradition. Some argue that it’s outdated and unnecessary, while others believe that it’s an essential aspect of Japanese culture. Regardless of where the debate leads, for now, wearing a towel in onsens remains an integral part of the experience for many visitors.

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