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Do Japanese wives take their husband’s name?

1. Introduction

Marriage is a significant milestone in any culture, and Japan is no exception. One of the key questions that couples must consider before tying the knot is whether the wife will take her husband’s name after marriage. In Japan, this decision is an important one that can have far-reaching consequences for both parties. In this article, we will explore the history and modern practices regarding Japanese wives taking their husband’s name after marriage, as well as some of the pros and cons associated with this decision.

2. Historical Perspective on Japanese Wives Taking Their Husband’s Name

In traditional Japanese society, it was customary for a woman to take her husband’s family name after marriage. This was seen as a sign of respect for her husband’s family, and it was also seen as a way to maintain continuity within the family line. However, this practice began to decline in the late 19th century due to increasing levels of education among women and changing attitudes towards gender roles in society.

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3. Overview of Modern Practices Regarding Japanese Wives Taking Their Husband’s Name

Today, it is not uncommon for Japanese wives to keep their own surnames after marriage or even hyphenate their surnames with their husbands’ names. This practice has become increasingly popular over the past few decades due to changing attitudes towards gender roles and increased levels of education among women in Japan. According to a survey conducted by MyNavi Woman magazine in 2018, only 38% of female respondents said that they changed their surname after getting married while 62% said that they kept their own surname or hyphenated it with their husbands’ names.

4. Reasons Why Some Japanese Wives Do Not Take Their Husband’s Name

There are many reasons why some Japanese wives choose not to take their husband’s name after marriage. For many women, keeping their own surname reflects a sense of independence and autonomy from their husbands that they do not want to give up upon getting married. For others, taking on a new name can be seen as an unnecessary hassle when there are other more pressing matters at hand such as setting up a new home or starting a family together.

5. Reasons Why Some Japanese Wives Do Take Their Husband’s Name

At the same time, there are also those who do choose to take on their husband’s surname after marriage for various reasons such as wanting to show respect for his family or wanting to create an easier life for themselves by having only one last name between them rather than two separate ones (which can make things like banking and travel more complicated).

6 The Role of Family in Decisions About Whether to Change Names After Marriage

The role played by family members in decisions about whether or not a woman should change her name upon getting married cannot be underestimated either; many families still believe that taking on one’s husband’s surname is an important part of being married in Japan and may pressure women into doing so even if they would prefer not too.

7 Pros and Cons of Taking a Husband’s Name After Marriage in Japan


Taking one’s husband’s surname after marriage can have both positive and negative consequences depending on individual circumstances:


• Establishes continuity between generations within families

• Can make life easier when dealing with bureaucratic matters such as banking or travel

• Can show respect for one’s spouse


• Can lead to confusion if both partners have different surnames

• May lead to feelings of loss of autonomy if one chooses not keep one’s original surname

• May lead to pressure from family members if they expect one partner (usually the wife)to change her surname upon marrying


In conclusion,it is clear that decisions about whether or not Japanese wives should take their husbands’ names upon getting married vary greatly depending on individual circumstances.While some couples may choose for practical reasons,others may decide based on cultural expectations or personal preferences.Ultimately,each couple will need weigh up all these factors carefully before making any final decisions.

Does the wife take the husbands name in Japan?

Japanese law requires married couples to have the same surname which can be either the husbands or wifes surname. Apart from Japan there is no other country where married couples must use the same last name.

Do you have to change your name when you get married in Japan?

A Japanese citizen can take the name of his foreign bride by naming it at the city hall within six months of the marriage. Otherwise if more than a few months have passed the Japanese wife must apply to the family judge for a name change.

Can you have 2 husbands in Japan?

Japan is a country where polygamy is illegal. However this does not prevent you from living with multiple wives when you are married to only one. The same goes for Nishiyama Yoshikatsu.

Is it legal to marry 2 wives in Japan?

The three of them live together without getting married because polygamy is illegal in Japan. Together they call themselves the Iyasaka family.

How do married names work in Japan?

Japanese law requires married couples to have the same surname. In most cases a woman takes her husbands surname when married. Some Japanese women prefer to use their maiden name in informal settings.

Does Japan recognize US marriages?

The marriage will be considered a marriage under Japanese law in the form of a foreign land by presenting an official copy of a marriage certificate issued by a foreign country (country).

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