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How fast can you get married in Japan?

1. Introduction

Getting married in Japan can be a daunting process for many couples. The Japanese marriage process is complex and can take months to complete, depending on the type of marriage you are looking to enter into. However, it is possible to speed up the process and get married quickly in Japan. In this article, we will discuss how fast you can get married in Japan, the different types of marriages available, the requirements for getting married in Japan, how to speed up the marriage process, documents needed for a marriage in Japan, tips for a quick wedding ceremony in Japan and how to get a marriage certificate quickly in Japan.

2. Overview of the Japanese Marriage Process

In order to get married in Japan, couples must first submit an application form at their local city hall or ward office. The application form must be filled out by both parties and signed by two witnesses who are over 20 years old and have valid identification cards. Once the application form is submitted and approved by the city hall or ward office, a Certificate of Acceptance of Notice of Marriage (Konin Todoke) will be issued. This document serves as proof that both parties have agreed to marry each other.

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3. The Different Types of Marriages in Japan

There are three different types of marriages available in Japan: civil marriage (kon’in kekkon), religious marriage (shukyo kekkon) and common-law marriage (dankon kekkon). Civil marriages are conducted by city hall or ward offices and require both parties to fill out an application form and submit it with two witnesses who are over 20 years old with valid identification cards. Religious marriages are conducted by religious organizations such as churches or temples and require both parties to fill out an application form as well as provide proof that they have been baptized into that particular faith. Common-law marriages do not require any paperwork but do require both parties to live together for at least six months before being legally recognized as husband and wife by law.

4. Requirements for Getting Married in Japan

In order to get married legally in Japan, there are several requirements that must be met by both parties: 1) Both parties must be over 18 years old; 2) Both parties must not already be legally married; 3) Both parties must not have any blood relatives closer than fourth cousins; 4) Both parties must not have any legal impediments such as being mentally handicapped; 5) Both parties must have valid identification cards; 6) Both parties must submit an application form at their local city hall or ward office with two witnesses who are over 20 years old with valid identification cards; 7) If one party is not a citizen of Japan then they will need an Alien Registration Card; 8) If one party is under 20 years old then they will need parental consent from their parents or guardians before getting married; 9) If one party has been divorced within six months prior then they will need written permission from their former spouse before getting married again; 10) If one party has been widowed within six months prior then they will need written permission from their late spouse’s family before getting remarried again.

5. How to Speed Up the Marriage Process in Japan


There are several ways that couples can speed up the Japanese marriage process: 1 ) Make sure all required documents are prepared ahead of time – this includes passports,birth certificates,divorce decrees,etc.; 2 ) Obtain copies of all required documents from your local government offices ; 3 ) Submit your application forms at least four weeks prior so there is enough time for processing ; 4 ) Make sure all required signatures are obtained ; 5 ) Have all witnesses present when submitting your forms ; 6 ) Pay any applicable fees promptly ; 7 ) Attend any necessary interviews promptly ; 8 ) Follow up regularly with your local government offices regarding your application status.

6.Documents Needed for a Marriage inJapan

In addition to submitting an application form,couples wishingto get married quickly should also prepare other importantdocuments including : 1 ) Passports – these should include personal information such asthe couple’s full name,date of birth,placeof birth,etc.; 2 ) Birth certificates – these shouldinclude personal information such as parent’s namesand date/placeof birth ; 3 ) Divorce decrees – if eitherparty has been previously divorced then writtenpermission from their former spouse may benecessary before remarrying again ; 4 ) Alien registrationcards – if either party is not acitizen ofJapan then they will need an AlienRegistration Card issued bythe Ministryof Justice.

7.Tips for a Quick Wedding CeremonyinJapan

Couples wishingto getmarried quickly should consider havinga smallwedding ceremony with just immediate family members present.Thiscan help cut down oncostsas wellas time spentplanningand organizingthe event.Additionally,couplesmay wishtousea simplified versionof traditional Japanese weddingceremonies whichcan significantly reduce preparationtime.Couplesmay also wantto skip certain traditionalsymbolsor ritualswhichcan addextra timeto the ceremony.Lastly,couplesmayconsidertakingadvantageof pre-packagedweddingceremonies offeredbyhotelsor resortswhichallowfora quickandeasy weddingceremonywithoutany extraplanningrequired.

8.Howto Geta MarriageCertificate QuicklyinJapan

Oncea couplehascompletedtheir weddingceremonytheywillneedto obtaintheir officialmarriagecertificatefromtheir localcityhallorwardoffice.Toobtainthisdocumentquicklyit isrecommendedthatcouplesprepareallrequireddocumentsaheadoftimeincludingpassportsbirthcertificatesdivorce decreesetcandhavethemreadilyavailablewhenapplyingfortheirmarriagecertificateatcityhallorwardoffice.Additionallyit maybepossibleforcouplestoapplyonlineforaMarriageCertificateiftheymeetcertaincriteriaandsubmitallrequireddocumentsviaemailorscannerpriortotheirscheduledappointmentdateatthecityhallorwardoffice.

9 Conclusion

Getting married quickly in Japan is possible but requires careful planning and preparation ahead of time. Couples wishingto getmarried quicklyshould becertaintomeetallrequirementsincludingvalididentificationcardspassportsbirthcertificatesdivorce decreesetcaswellasfollowuptimelywiththeirlocalgovernmentofficesregardingtheirapplicationstatusbeforesubmittingitfortheirmarriagecertificateattheirlocalcityhallorwardoffice.AdditionallytakingadvantageofsimplifiedversionsoftraditionalJapanese weddingsaswellaspre-packagedweddingceremoniesofferedbyhotelsresortsetcmayhelpacceleratetheprocessfurtherstillensuringacouplegetstheirmarriagecertificatequicklysoastogetmarriedinthelongrun

How quickly can you get married in Japan?

If you are an American planning to get married in Japan the process is simple. With limited planning most people can complete their wedding planning in one day.

Is it easy to get married in Japan?

Japanese law requires foreign nationals who marry in Japan to issue a certificate of eligibility from the countrys embassy or consulate to marry in Japan. This is a reporters job. You must make an appointment.

What country can you get married quickly?

A marriage between two people in Gibraltar is registered under the Gibraltar Marriage Act. Under its terms a special license granted under section 13 of the Act allows residents and non-residents to marry in Gibraltar.

Is a marriage in Japan legal in the US?

A marriage between U.S. citizens of another country is generally considered valid in the United States as long as they were legally married in the place where they were married. It will last as long as there are domestic issues that invalidate marriages (like minorities disabilities bigamy etc.).

How long does it take to get a marriage visa in Japan?

The time from the application to the visa application is required 5 working days from the day after the date of receipt of the application provided that there are no specific problems with the application material.

How fast can you get a marriage visa?

Spouses and family members who are considered close relatives usually receive visas within 5-12 months of application. Family priority category members face longer waits as it takes months or years to obtain a visa.

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