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How much money do you give at a Japanese wedding?

1. Introduction

Weddings are special occasions that bring families and friends together to celebrate love. In Japan, weddings are a time of joy, but they also come with a unique set of customs and etiquette that must be followed. One of the most important aspects of a Japanese wedding is the gift giving. But how much money do you give at a Japanese wedding?

2. What is a Japanese Wedding?

A Japanese wedding is an event that celebrates the union of two individuals in marriage. It is typically held at a shrine or temple, and it follows Shinto or Buddhist traditions. The ceremony usually lasts for about an hour and includes several rituals such as exchanging rings, drinking sake, and signing the marriage register. Afterward, there is usually a reception where guests can mingle and enjoy food and drinks.

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3. The Etiquette of Gift Giving at a Japanese Wedding

Gift giving is an important part of any wedding ceremony in Japan. It is customary for guests to bring gifts for the bride and groom on their special day as tokens of their love and support. The gifts can range from small items such as jewelry or clothing to larger items like appliances or furniture, but cash gifts are by far the most common type of present given at weddings in Japan.

4. How Much Money Do You Give at a Japanese Wedding?

The amount of money you give at a Japanese wedding depends on your relationship with the couple getting married, your financial situation, and other factors. Generally speaking, it’s customary to give around 30-50 thousand yen (about 300-500 USD) as a gift if you’re close to the couple getting married (such as family members or close friends). If you’re not as close to them but still want to give something meaningful, then 10-20 thousand yen (about 100-200 USD) would be appropriate.

5. Cash Gifts Versus Non-Cash Gifts

Although cash gifts are by far the most popular type of present given at weddings in Japan, non-cash presents are also welcomed by couples getting married there too! Popular non-cash presents include items such as kitchenware sets, appliances, furniture pieces or even experiences like spa days or travel vouchers! So if you don’t feel comfortable giving money as a gift then don’t worry – there are plenty of other options available!

6. Other Factors to Consider When Deciding How Much to Give at a Japanese Wedding

Aside from your relationship with the couple getting married there are other factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding on how much money to give at a Japanese wedding:

– Your financial situation: It’s important not to overspend when giving cash gifts so make sure that you only give what you can afford!

– The number of guests attending: If there will be many guests attending then it might be better to give smaller amounts per person so that everyone can contribute something without feeling like they have overspent!

– The couple’s expectations: If the couple has specified how much they expect people to give then it would be best to follow their wishes rather than trying to guess what would be appropriate!

7.What Happens To The Money After The Wedding?

The money given as gifts at weddings in Japan usually goes towards paying for honeymoon expenses or setting up their new home together (such as buying furniture or appliances). Any leftover money may also go towards savings for their future children’s education fund or any other expenses related to starting their new life together!


Giving cash gifts at weddings in Japan is an important part of honoring the couple getting married but how much money do you give depends on several factors such as your relationship with them, your financial situation and any expectations they may have set out beforehand! Ultimately though it’s up to each individual guest as long as they feel comfortable with whatever amount they choose – after all it’s all about celebrating love and showing support!


Q: Is it necessary for guests to bring cash gifts when attending a Japanese wedding?
A: Although cash gifts are customary when attending weddings in Japan it isn’t necessary – non-cash presents such as kitchenware sets or appliances are just as welcome too!

Q: How should I package my cash gift?
A: Cash gifts should always be packaged neatly in an envelope before being presented – this shows respect towards both the bride & groom and also keeps track of who gave what amount during the reception afterwards!

How much do you give for a Japanese wedding?

Usually the guests give a figure based on their relationship with the bride and groom. ¥30000 is the average for single friends and colleagues while employers can award gifts of up to ¥50000 or ¥70000. Married couples usually pay ¥50000. Relatives will give more. April 26 2020

What do you give at a Japanese wedding?

Even if you cant attend the ceremony Japanese wedding etiquette dictates that you give wedding gifts—and in Japan gifts can only be given in cash in a special way. There is no wedding gift list like there is in the West so save yourself the hassle.

What is the proper amount of money to give at a wedding?

Sara Margulis CEO and co-founder of honeymoon registration site Honeyfund told USA TODAY that the appropriate range for a wedding gift is $50 to $500 noting that the average gift range on Honeyfund is $125. to $150. April 17 2022

Is $200 a good wedding gift?

Heres a rule of thumb: Two people donating $50 to acquaintances and co-workers may be appropriate. However if the guest is close to them you can ask for at least $75 to $100. $ It is a good wedding gift if the guest is close to the couple.

Is $100 enough for a wedding gift?

ETIQUETTE offers these lines to wedding attendees wherever they are: distant relatives or cooperating friends or relatives $75-$100 $100-$125 $150 neighborhood. You look forward to extravagant gifts if you are rich. Cooper said no.

Is $100 too much for a wedding gift?

The average wedding gift amount is around $100 which is a good starting point that can go up or down based on your distance. If you are very close or related to the couple (and have some room in your budget) you can choose to spend about $150 more per guest (or $200 per couple). February 4 2022.

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