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What is Girls love in Japan?

What is the difference between yuri and girl love?

Yuri is on the more graphic side of the girl-on-girl romance genre while shoujo (literally translated as girls love) focuses more on the less sexual nature of relationships.

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What does yuri mean to a girl?

Luckily we all believe it or not there is an equivalent of BL called Yuri (Lily in η™Ύεˆ). Yuri features romantic/pseudo-romantic same-sex relationships between female characters.

What is girl love meaning?

Girls Love (ガールズラプ gāruzu rabu) sometimes written Girls Love or Girls Love or abbreviated GL is a term used in Japan to describe attraction between women in anime and manga. It can be used interchangeably with yuri but it is used more by publishers than fans.

What is Boys Love in Japan?

Boys Love (abbreviated BL) in English is often interpreted in Japanese as a reference to female-centric fantasy media created by female authors that depict male homosexual desire and romance. ΒΉ The genre is called love for the boy but deals with relationships between men after puberty.

Was yuri a girl or boy?

Yuri is a boys name of Russian origin that means farmer. The name is often related to the Greek name George and is found in Jewish Japanese and Korean cultures. However if you travel through time and space the name Yuri is actually known because of Yuri Gagarin.

What does Natsuki mean?

Natsuki comes from the Japanese nai (na) meaning green vegetable and 月 (tsuki) meaning moon. Or it may come from 倏 (natsu) meaning summer and ε₯‡ (ki) meaning hope. Other kanji combinations can also form this name.

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