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What is the golden week in Japan?

1. Introduction

The Golden Week is a period of seven days in Japan that includes four national holidays and is one of the most popular times for Japanese citizens to take vacations, visit family, and travel abroad. It is also a popular time for tourists to visit Japan as the country celebrates its culture and heritage. In this article, we will explore what the Golden Week is, its history, how people celebrate it, popular destinations for tourists during this period, and tips for traveling in Japan during the Golden Week.

2. What is the Golden Week?

The Golden Week is a period of seven days in Japan that includes four national holidays: Shōwa Day (April 29th), Constitution Memorial Day (May 3rd), Greenery Day (May 4th), and Children’s Day (May 5th). This period provides citizens with an extended holiday break from work or school. During this time many people take vacations, visit family, or travel abroad.

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3. History of the Golden Week

The origin of the Golden Week dates back to 1948 when Emperor Hirohito declared April 29th as Shōwa Day in honor of his father Emperor Shōwa who had passed away earlier that year. The following year Constitution Memorial Day was added to commemorate the 1947 adoption of Japan’s post-war constitution. Greenery Day was added in 1989 and Children’s Day was added in 1996 as part of an annual holiday calendar revision process by the Japanese government.

4. What are the Public Holidays During the Golden Week?

As previously mentioned there are four public holidays during the Golden Week:
• Shōwa Day (April 29th) – Celebrates Emperor Hirohito’s accession to the throne on April 29th 1926
• Constitution Memorial Day (May 3rd) – Celebrates 1947 adoption of Japan’s post-war constitution
• Greenery Day (May 4th) – Celebrates nature and respect for environment
• Children’s Day (May 5th) – Celebrates joys of being a child

5. How Do People Celebrate During the Golden Week?

During this period many people take vacations or visit family members in other parts of Japan or even abroad. Some people also use this time to go sightseeing or shopping at popular tourist destinations such as Tokyo Disneyland or Universal Studios Japan®️.Others opt to stay at home and relax by watching movies or playing video games with friends or family members.

6. Popular Destinations for Tourists During the Golden Week

Popular tourist destinations during this period include Tokyo Disneyland®, Universal Studios Japan®, Mount Fuji, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park & Museum, Kyoto Imperial Palace & Gardens, Ghibli Museum & Park Tokyo Sky Tree®️,Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan®, Nara Deer Park & Todaiji Temple,Himeji Castle & Garden,Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium®️,Miyajima Island & Shrine,Kinkakuji Temple & Garden,Asakusa Sensoji Temple & Garden.

7 Tips for Traveling in Japan During The Golden week

1) Book your hotels early as accommodation prices tend to skyrocket during this period due to high demand; 2) Make sure you have enough cash on hand since some places may be closed due to public holidays; 3) Take advantage of special discounts offered at attractions such as theme parks; 4) Consider taking public transport instead of renting a car if you plan on visiting multiple cities; 5) Avoid peak hours when traveling by train; 6) Bring comfortable shoes since you will be doing a lot walking around; 7) Be prepared for crowds since many people take advantage of their extended holiday break during this period!

8 Conclusion

The golden week provides Japanese citizens with an extended holiday break from work or school while also providing tourists with an opportunity to experience Japanese culture and heritage first hand! With its rich history, vibrant celebrations and incredible sights there is no better time than now to explore all that Japan has to offer!

9 References https://www.jnto-gojp-en/event/golden-week/

Why do they celebrate Golden Week in Japan?

Many Japanese workers take a week off in late April and early May. Because there are national holidays during this time. This week begins on April 29 a national holiday that marks the late Emperor Zhous birthday.

What is the purpose of Golden Week?

This holiday is the birthday of Emperor Showa (Hirohito) who ruled from 1926 to 1989. Emperor Hirohito (posthumously known as Showa) was the leader of Japan during World War II and many other upheavals. Japanese people and the world.

What is Golden Week in Japan 2023?

Golden Week 2023 will take place from May 3 (Wednesday) to May 5 (Friday). Although April 29 (Saturday) is also a public holiday in 2023 it is a Saturday so there are 5 days off from May 3 to May 5. 4 days ago

Do people work during Golden Week Japan?

During Golden Week the entire country takes time off from work and school making it (along with Japanese New Year) the most popular travel time at home and abroad. Transportation is more expensive and hotels are fully booked months in advance.

What is Japan biggest holiday?

New Year Celebrations
New Year Celebrations or Shogatsu Its possibly the most important holiday in Japan, and women and girls often wear beautiful kimono to celebrate the occasion.

Do people work during Golden Week?

Current practice. Many Japanese citizens take paid time off for the holiday and some companies lay off their employees altogether. Golden Week is the longest holiday of the year for many Japanese workers.

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