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What rights do Japanese have at 20?

1. Introduction

At the age of 20, Japanese citizens are considered to be adults and are granted certain rights and responsibilities. This article will focus on the rights of Japanese citizens at age 20, discussing topics such as voting rights, the right to drive, the right to drink alcohol, the right to join the military, the right to choose a career path and even the right to start a business.

2. Rights of Japanese at age 20

Japanese citizens at age 20 have many rights that they can exercise as adults. These include voting in elections, getting a driver’s license, drinking alcohol and joining the military. Additionally, at this age they are able to choose their own career paths and even start their own businesses.

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3. Voting Rights

At age 20, Japanese citizens have the right to vote in both local and national elections. This is an important part of being an adult citizen in Japan as it allows them to take part in choosing their leaders and making decisions about how their country is run.

4. Right to Drive

Japanese citizens at age 20 also have the right to get a driver’s license if they pass all necessary tests and exams required for obtaining one. This allows them greater freedom in terms of transportation as well as providing them with more job opportunities that involve driving or using vehicles for work purposes.

5. Right to Drink Alcohol

In Japan, citizens aged 20 or older are allowed to consume alcohol legally without any restrictions or limitations imposed by law. This means that they can purchase alcohol from stores or bars without having any issues with legal authorities or facing any repercussions for doing so.

6. Right to Join the Military

At this age, Japanese citizens have the right to join the military if they wish so without having any restrictions imposed on them due to their age or other factors such as health or physical condition. Joining the military is seen as an honorable act in Japan and is often encouraged by families who want their sons or daughters to serve their country in this way if possible.

7. Right to Choose a Career Path

At age 20, Japanese citizens are free to choose whatever career path they wish without any restrictions imposed by law or societal norms. They can pursue higher education if they wish or enter into a profession that interests them without having any limits placed on them due to their age or other factors such as gender roles which might be more restrictive in some societies outside Japan’s borders.

8 Right To Start A Business

At this point in life many young people may be ready and eager enought o start their own business venture – whether it be large scale such as opening up a restaurant chain; medium sized such as starting up an online store; small scale such as selling handmade products from home; or even micro-scale such as running your own blog – all these options are open for those aged twenty with no legal requirements placed upon them prior starting up these ventures.

9 Conclusion

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