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What you should not do in Japan?

1. Introduction

Visiting Japan is an amazing experience and one that many people around the world are fortunate enough to experience. However, it is important to remember that Japan is a country with its own culture and customs that must be respected by all visitors. In this article, we will discuss what you should not do in Japan so you can make sure you have a respectful and enjoyable stay.

2. Respect the Culture

The most important thing to remember when visiting Japan is to respect their culture and customs. This means avoiding any behavior that could be seen as disrespectful or offensive, such as speaking loudly in public or engaging in inappropriate physical contact between members of the opposite sex. It is also important to dress modestly and avoid wearing clothing with offensive images or slogans.

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3. Don’t Litter or Spit in Public

Littering and spitting in public are both considered rude and offensive behaviors in Japan, so it is best to avoid them at all costs. Not only will you be offending those around you, but you may also face fines or other penalties if caught littering or spitting in public places like parks or streets.

4. Don’t Talk Too Loudly in Public

In Japan, talking too loudly in public places like restaurants, malls, and train stations is considered rude and can disturb those around you. It is best to keep your voice low when speaking in public places so as not to disturb others who may be trying to enjoy their time there as well.

5. Remove Your Shoes Before Entering a Home or Temple

In Japan it is customary to remove your shoes before entering a home or temple as a sign of respect for the space and those inside it. If invited into someone’s home for dinner or other social gathering, make sure to take your shoes off at the door before entering the house itself as this will show respect for their space and customs.

6. Avoid Eating and Drinking on Public Transportation

Eating and drinking on public transportation such as trains and buses is generally frowned upon in Japan due to the potential mess it could create on the vehicles themselves as well as the inconvenience it could cause other passengers who may not want to be exposed to food smells while traveling from place-to-place. Therefore, it is best to wait until arriving at your destination before eating anything while using public transportation services within Japan’s cities and townships..

7. Refrain from Pointing at People or Objects

Pointing at people or objects with your finger is considered rude behavior throughout much of Asia including Japan due to its connotations of disrespect towards others – particularly elders – so try your best not point at anyone while visiting here! Instead use an open palm gesture if necessary when referring someone else towards something they may need help finding etc…


What should you not say in Japan?

Dont call others by their names. In Japan you dont call other people by their first names as is customary in the West. Its not considered polite especially if youre talking to superiors someone above you or someone youve met for the first time.

What are the seven rules of Japan?

According to Inazo Nitobes book Bushido samurai life was governed by seven principles known as Bushido. These seven rules are Justice Loyalty Honor Respect Honesty Courage and Consistency.

Is it rude to hug in Japan?

In Japan it is considered impolite to hug or kiss another persons body even with friends or family. Lets encourage a holy embrace usually with hugs and kisses between spouses.

What’s rude in Japan?

In Japan pointing at people or things is considered rude. Instead of pointing with their fingers Japanese people gently wave their hands at what they want to point to. When referring to himself a person uses his index finger to touch his nose instead of pointing to himself.

Is it rude to say you in Japan?

Fortunately most Japanese people dont use you because you dont need them all that often. Some people will think its really rude if you use it.

What is considered rude while eating in Japan?

Blowing your nose biting the table and chewing is considered bad manners in Japan. Instead it is considered good practice to drain the rice completely.

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