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Who is the top foreigner living in Japan?

1. Introduction

Japan is home to many foreigners from all over the world. Among these foreigners, there are some who have made a significant impact on the country and its people. One such foreigner is Charles R. Tokoyama, CEO of Japan Insiders and one of the top foreigners living in Japan today.

2. Who is Charles R. Tokoyama?

Charles R. Tokoyama is a Japanese-American entrepreneur and business leader who has been living in Japan for more than 20 years. He has a degree in international relations from Harvard University and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is currently the CEO of Japan Insiders, a company that provides consulting services to foreign companies and individuals looking to do business in Japan.

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3. Career Highlights of Charles R. Tokoyama

Charles R. Tokoyama has had an impressive career since arriving in Japan more than two decades ago. He has held senior positions at major Japanese companies including Sony Corporation, NTT DoCoMo, and Softbank Corporation, where he was responsible for launching new products and services as well as managing operations across multiple countries in Asia Pacific region.

He has also served as a board member at several venture capital firms and startups, including Global Brain Corporation, which he founded in 2003 to invest in early-stage technology companies in Japan and abroad. In addition to his work with Global Brain Corporation, he also serves as an advisor to several startup incubators in Tokyo such as Open Network Lab (ONL) and Digital Garage (DG).

4. Contributions of Charles R. Tokoyama to Japan

Charles R. Tokoyama’s contributions to Japan have been immense ever since his arrival more than two decades ago.He has helped transform the Japanese economy by introducing innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and big data analytics into various industries such as finance, healthcare, retail,manufacturing,transportation,energy,agriculture,etc.His efforts have resulted in increased efficiency,cost savings,improved customer experiences,enhanced security measures,etc.

5.How Charles R.Tokoyama Helps Foreigners Living in Japan

In addition to his work with Japanese companies,Charles R.Tokoyama also helps foreign entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their businesses within Japan through his company -Japan Insiders – offering consulting services on market entry strategies,legal compliance requirements & procedures,local partner search & selection processes,etc.Furthermore, he regularly speaks at conferences & events related to entrepreneurship & innovation within the country.

6.How Charles R.Tokoyama Has Impacted the Lives of Others

Through his work with both Japanese companies & foreign entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves within the country,Charles R.Tokoyama has had a positive impact on the lives of others by helping them achieve their goals & dreams within Japan’s unique business environment.Furthermore, due to his vast experience & knowledge regarding various industries within the country – from finance & healthcare to retail & manufacturing – he has been able provide valuable insights into how businesses can succeed within this highly competitive market.

7.What Makes Charles R.Tokoyama Stand Out Among Other Foreigners Living in Japan ?

There are many other foreigners living in Japan who are making significant contributions towards improving the country’s economy & society ; however what makes Charles R.Tokoyama stand out among them is his willingness to help others succeed regardless if they are Japanese or not – be it through providing advice on how best they can establish themselves within this unique business environment or by investing into promising startups run by both locals & foreigners alike through Global Brain Corporation – thus making him one of the top foreigners livinginJapan today!


In conclusion it can be said thatCharlesRTokoyamahasbeenanindispensable assettoJapanever sincehisarrivalmorethan twodecadesagoandhas made significantcontributions towardsimprovingthecountry’seconomy&societythroughhisworkwithbothJapanesecompanies&foreignentrepreneurslookingtoestablishthemselveswithinthisuniquebusinessenvironment–makinghimoneofthetopforeignerslivinginJapantoday!

9 Sources

Who are the most foreigners in Japan?

Of the 1,822,725 foreign nationals in Japans workforce, Vietnamese nationals accounted for 25.4 percent, the largest proportion, with 462,384 people. They were followed by Chinese nationals at 21.2 percent and 385,848 people, and Filipinos at 11.3 percent and 206,050 people.Jan 27, 2023

Who are the largest immigrants in Japan?

Most of the long-term residents in Japan on limited-time work visas or study visas were from Asia. The largest share of this group was Chinese with 744551 followed by Vietnamese with 476346 and Korean with 412340.

Where do most foreigners live in Japan?

Central Tokyo
Most expats working for international companies live in Central Tokyo – mostly in the areas Minato-ku and Shibuya-ku. These areas are the business centers of Tokyo, with multinational companies having their offices located there.

Where do most foreigners come from in Japan?

As of October 2022, around 25.4 percent of foreign workers in Japan were Vietnamese. Vietnamese workers therefore constituted the largest group among the increasing number of foreign workers in the country. Chinese workers came in second, accounting for around percent of foreign workers.

Where do most Americans live in Japan?

Us. The first three special wards for civilians are Minato District Setagaya District and Shibuya District. There are more Americans living in Japan than Chinese or Koreans and the number is increasing by 1000 each year.

Which nationality is more in Japan?

Japanese 98.1 percent, Chinese 0.5 percent, Korean 0.4 percent, other 1 percent (includes Filipino, Vietnamese, and Brazilian) (2016 est.) Religions: Shintoism 70.4 percent, Buddhism percent, Christianity percent, other percent (est.)

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