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Who pays for a Japanese wedding?

1. Introduction

A Japanese wedding is an important and meaningful occasion that symbolizes the union of two families. It is a traditional event that requires the couple to make many decisions regarding their wedding, including who pays for the wedding. In Japan, there are both traditional and modern customs when it comes to paying for a wedding.

2. Traditional Japanese Wedding Expenses

Traditionally, Japanese weddings were paid for by the bride’s family. The bride’s family would cover all expenses related to the wedding, including food, decorations, and entertainment. The groom’s family would usually contribute money or gifts to help with the expenses. However, in modern times this custom has changed and both families often contribute financially to the wedding costs.

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3. Modern Japanese Wedding Expenses

In modern Japan, couples typically pay for their own weddings rather than relying on their families to foot the bill. This includes paying for food, decorations, entertainment, clothing and other items related to the ceremony and reception. Couples may also choose to hire a wedding planner or coordinator to help them plan and organize all aspects of their special day.

4. Who Pays for a Traditional Japanese Wedding?

Traditionally in Japan, it was expected that the bride’s family would pay for most of the expenses associated with a wedding ceremony and reception. This included paying for food, decorations, entertainment and other items related to the event such as clothing and transportation costs. The groom’s family would usually contribute money or gifts as well in order to help cover some of these costs.

5. Who Pays for a Modern Japanese Wedding?

In modern times it is common for both families to contribute financially towards a Japanese wedding ceremony and reception regardless of whether it follows traditional customs or not. Couples may also choose to pay for all expenses themselves without relying on either family’s contribution if they prefer this option as well.

6. The Cost of a Japanese Wedding

The cost of a Japanese wedding can vary greatly depending on how elaborate you want your ceremony and reception to be as well as what type of venue you choose to host your event at (i.e., hotel ballroom vs outdoor garden). Generally speaking though you can expect your total costs (including venue rental fees) to be anywhere from $10k-$50k USD depending on your specific needs/wants/budget constraints etc..

7 Tips for Planning a Budget-Friendly Japanese Wedding

Planning an affordable yet still special Japanese wedding doesn’t have to be impossible! Here are some tips that can help make sure you get what you need without breaking the bank:

• Choose an off-season date – Venue rental fees are often lower during certain months or days of the week which can save you money!
• Consider having your ceremony at home – If space allows it can be much more budget friendly than renting out an expensive venue
• Look into DIY options – You don’t have to hire someone else do all of your decorations if you don’t want too! Doing them yourself can save you lots of money
• Don’t overspend on invitations – You don’t need expensive paper or printing services if you don’t want too! There are plenty of online options available now where you can design & print invitations yourself
• Book vendors early – Booking vendors ahead of time will ensure that they don’t get booked up before you have a chance too! Plus it will give you more time & flexibility when negotiating prices

8 Conclusion


A Japanese wedding is an important event that symbolizes two families coming together in celebration but planning one doesn’t have to break your budget! With careful planning & budgeting it is possible create an amazing experience without spending too much money – just remember these tips when planning yours!

9 FAQs


Q: Who traditionally pays for a Japanese wedding?
A: Traditionally in Japan it was expected that the bride’s family would pay for most expenses associated with a wedding ceremony & reception while the groom’s family contributed money or gifts as well in order help cover some of these costs

How much money do you give for a Japanese wedding?

Usually the guests give an amount based on their relationship with the bride or groom. An employer may give a gift of ¥50000 or ¥70000 while ¥30000 is the average for single friends and colleagues. Married couples usually pay ¥50000. Relatives will give a lot. April 26 2020

Which parents usually pay for the wedding?

Traditionally the grooms family foots the bulk of the bill but that doesnt stop modern couples from using their savings for the wedding of their choice.

Does the brides parents always pay for a wedding?

Are the brides parents required to pay? Although the brides parents usually pay for the wedding today many couples pay for the wedding. Parents have to pay!

How do Japanese weddings work?

Japanese weddings last only one day. It usually begins with a traditional ceremony at a temple. A priest performs a wedding ceremony. Japanese couples are sometimes married in Christian churches by pastors and priests.

How do you give money at a Japanese wedding?

Goshugi (gift of money) It is formal and polite to call the guests a gift of money on the wedding day in the name of goshugi. You will not give it directly to the couple but leave it with the receptionist when you arrive at the ceremony.

What is a traditional wedding gift in Japan?

Instead of gifts gifts are traditionally given in decorative envelopes called shogi bakuro. It is usually the guests who receive tableware and gifts they have chosen from catalogs much like wedding gifts given to the bride and groom in the West.

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