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Can a tourist give birth in Japan?


Japan is a popular tourist destination for its rich culture, delicious food, and beautiful landscapes. However, many tourists wonder if they can give birth in Japan. In this article, we will explore the regulations and requirements for tourists who wish to give birth in Japan.

The legal requirements for giving birth in Japan

Japan has strict regulations for foreigners who wish to give birth in the country. According to the Japanese Nationality Act, a child born in Japan is considered a Japanese citizen only if one of the parents is a Japanese citizen at the time of the child’s birth. Therefore, if both parents are foreign nationals, the child will not be granted Japanese citizenship.

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Medical facilities and services for tourists

Japan has excellent medical facilities and services that cater to both locals and tourists. The country has some of the best hospitals in the world with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained medical professionals. However, tourists who wish to give birth in Japan must ensure that they have sufficient medical insurance coverage to cover any medical expenses that may arise.

Language barriers

Japanese is the official language of Japan, and many medical professionals may not speak English fluently. Tourists who wish to give birth in Japan must ensure that they have access to an interpreter or translator who can help them communicate with their medical providers effectively.

Visa requirements

Tourists who wish to give birth in Japan must ensure that they have a valid visa that allows them to stay in the country for an extended period. Pregnant women cannot enter Japan on a short-term tourist visa as they will not be allowed to stay long enough to give birth.

Costs of giving birth in Japan

Giving birth in Japan can be expensive, and tourists must be prepared to cover all costs associated with their pregnancy and delivery. The cost of prenatal care, delivery, and postnatal care can vary depending on the hospital and location.

Cultural differences

Japan has a unique culture that may differ from what tourists are used to in their home countries. Tourists who wish to give birth in Japan must be prepared to adapt to cultural differences and customs that may impact their birthing experience.

Preparation before traveling

Tourists who wish to give birth in Japan must ensure that they have all necessary documents and paperwork completed before traveling. This includes obtaining a valid visa, registering with a hospital or clinic in advance, and ensuring that they have sufficient medical insurance coverage.

Choosing a hospital or clinic

Tourists who wish to give birth in Japan must research and choose a hospital or clinic that meets their needs. They should consider factors such as location, reputation, language support, and cost when making their decision.

Prenatal care

Prenatal care is essential for ensuring a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. Tourists who wish to give birth in Japan must ensure that they receive quality prenatal care from qualified medical professionals throughout their pregnancy.

The birthing process

The birthing process in Japan may differ from what tourists are used to in their home countries. Tourists must be prepared for cultural differences, such as different pain management options or customs surrounding childbirth.

Postnatal care

Postnatal care is critical for both mother and baby after delivery. Tourists who give birth in Japan must ensure that they receive adequate postnatal care from qualified medical professionals to promote a healthy recovery for both mother and baby.


In conclusion, while it is possible for tourists to give birth in Japan, there are several legal requirements, cultural differences, language barriers, and financial costs that must be considered before making this decision. Tourists must research thoroughly and plan accordingly before embarking on this journey.

How much does it cost to give birth in Japan as a foreigner?

The average cost for a single birth in Japan is typically between 500,000 to 600,000 yen (equivalent to approximately $3,000-$4,000 USD). However, the government offers a subsidy of 420,000 yen ($2,800 USD), which will cover a significant portion of the cost. This information was current as of November 4th, 2022.

Is my child a citizen if I give birth in Japan?

A child can become a Japanese national at birth in three specific cases, as outlined in Article 2 of the Japanese Nationality Act. One of these cases is if either the father or mother is a Japanese national at the time of the child’s birth.

How do I get a visa for my newborn in Japan?

In Japan, if a person is born and stays in the country for more than 60 days, it is required to apply for a status of residence at the Regional Immigration Services Bureau within 30 days of their birth. If their application is approved, they will receive a new residence card.

What happens if an American gives birth in Japan?

If a non-Japanese national gives birth in Japan and is not married to a Japanese citizen, their child will not be granted Japanese citizenship. However, if the foreign mother reports the birth to the embassy or consulate of her home country in Japan, the child may be eligible for citizenship in that country.

Why is it so expensive to give birth in Japan?

In Japan, the expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth are expensive as they are not covered by insurance. However, individuals can receive subsidies regardless of their income and nationality by enrolling in the health insurance system, which includes National Health Insurance and Social Insurance, to save money. This information was last updated on August 5th, 2020.

What are the benefits of pregnant in Japan?

Individuals who report their pregnancy will receive benefits worth 50,000 yen, with an additional 50,000 yen given upon filing a childbirth report. The government has allocated funds for these benefits through their second supplementary budget for fiscal 2022.

Alternative options for giving birth in Japan

For tourists who are unable or unwilling to give birth in Japan, there are alternative options available. Some tourists may choose to give birth in their home country or another location that is more convenient or familiar to them. Others may choose to participate in medical tourism programs that provide access to high-quality healthcare facilities and services in other countries.

Important considerations for giving birth abroad

Regardless of where a tourist chooses to give birth, there are important considerations that must be taken into account. These include the legal requirements for citizenship, the quality of medical care and facilities, language barriers, cultural differences, and financial costs. Tourists must carefully research and plan before making any decisions about giving birth abroad.

The role of travel insurance

Travel insurance can be an essential tool for tourists who wish to give birth abroad. Travel insurance can help cover the costs of medical care and other expenses associated with pregnancy and delivery. However, tourists must ensure that their travel insurance policy provides adequate coverage for their specific needs and circumstances.

The importance of seeking professional advice

Giving birth abroad can be a complex and challenging process, and tourists must seek professional advice from qualified experts before making any decisions. This may include consulting with a travel doctor, seeking legal advice on citizenship requirements, or speaking with a medical tourism provider to learn more about available options and services.

Finding support during pregnancy and after delivery

Pregnancy and childbirth can be emotionally challenging for tourists who are far from home and their support networks. It is essential for tourists who choose to give birth abroad to find local support networks, such as expat groups or online communities, that can provide emotional support and guidance throughout their pregnancy and after delivery.

The benefits of giving birth abroad

Despite the challenges and risks involved, giving birth abroad can also offer many benefits for tourists. These may include access to high-quality medical care and facilities, exposure to new cultures and experiences, and the opportunity to create lasting memories with family members or partners.

In conclusion

While giving birth in Japan as a tourist is possible, it requires careful planning, preparation, and consideration of legal requirements, cultural differences, language barriers, financial costs, and other important factors. Tourists must seek professional advice and support networks to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery experience.

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