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Do Japanese love cats or dogs?


Japan is known for its unique culture, traditions and love for animals. In many households, pets are considered as family members. The question of whether Japanese people love cats or dogs more is a common one.

The history of cats and dogs in Japan

Cats were introduced to Japan in the 6th century and were highly regarded as protectors of the home and symbols of good luck. Dogs were brought to Japan in the Jomon period (14,000 BC – 300 BC) and were used for hunting and guarding. Both cats and dogs have been an integral part of Japanese culture for centuries.

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Cats in Japanese culture

Cats are highly regarded in Japanese culture and are often depicted in art, literature, and even fashion. The famous Japanese lucky cat or Maneki Neko is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. They are popular as pets in Japan because they are independent, clean, and low maintenance.

Dogs in Japanese culture

Dogs also play an important role in Japanese culture. The Shiba Inu, Akita Inu, and Shikoku Inu are some of the most popular dog breeds in Japan. They are highly valued for their loyalty, intelligence, and bravery. Dogs are often depicted in Japanese art as guardians or protectors.

Pet ownership in Japan

According to a survey conducted by the Japan Pet Food Association, there are around 19.8 million pets in Japan. Of these, 9.5 million are dogs and 9.3 million are cats. This shows that both cats and dogs are equally popular as pets in Japan.

Cat cafes

Cat cafes have become increasingly popular in Japan over the past decade. These cafes allow customers to interact with cats while enjoying beverages or snacks. Cat cafes have become a popular destination for tourists visiting Japan.

Dog cafes

Dog cafes have also become popular in Japan. These cafes allow customers to interact with dogs while enjoying food or drinks. Dog cafes have become more common in recent years due to an increase in pet ownership.

Japanese pet culture

The Japanese have a unique pet culture that involves pampering their pets with luxury items such as designer clothes, gourmet food, and high-end accessories. This reflects the importance of pets in Japanese society.

Pet-friendly policies

Japan has some of the most pet-friendly policies in the world. Many public places such as parks, trains, and restaurants allow pets. Additionally, many apartment complexes allow pets as well.

Pet adoption

Pet adoption is becoming increasingly popular in Japan as people look to give abandoned pets a second chance at life. There are many animal shelters across Japan where people can adopt cats or dogs.


Japanese people love both cats and dogs equally. Both animals have played an important role in Japanese culture for centuries and continue to be beloved pets today. The unique pet culture of Japan reflects the importance of pets in Japanese society.

Do Japanese like cats more than dogs?

In Japan, it appears that more people are choosing cats as pets over dogs, as owners seem less inclined to walk their furry companions. Therefore, cats have become increasingly favored among Japanese pet owners.

Do people in Japan like cats?

Cats can be a polarizing animal, with people either loving or hating them. However, in Japan, cats are widely adored and considered to be a positive influence, bringing good luck with them wherever they go.

Why do Japanese like cats more than dogs?

In Japan, cats are considered to be lucky and provide spiritual protection. Additionally, because Japanese culture values not disturbing others, people prefer cats over dogs as they don’t bark.

What is the favorite pet in Japan?

Despite the preference for smaller dogs in Japan, the Shiba Inu is a highly favored breed, growing up to two feet tall and weighing up to 25 pounds. Its popularity is partly due to its family-friendly nature and relatively long lifespan of up to 15 years, making it a beloved companion.

What country loves cats the most?

The royal grounds have now been turned into the Hermitage Museum and although Russia no longer has queens, cats still hold a special place in both the museum and the hearts of its people. A study conducted in 52 countries indicates that Russians have the greatest affection for cats compared to other nations.

What countries prefer cats over dogs?

Regions with a high affinity for cats include large areas of Canada, with 52.3% of cat or dog photos featuring cats, China with 88.2% and Russia with 64%. On the other hand, dogs are more popular in North and South America, Oceania, and Africa, whereas cats only dominate in Europe and Asia. This was reported on February 10, 2021.

Animal welfare in Japan

Japan is known for its advanced animal welfare laws and regulations. The Japanese government has implemented strict laws to protect the welfare of animals in the country. This includes laws regarding the breeding, selling, and keeping of pets. Additionally, there are many non-profit organizations in Japan that work to promote animal welfare and rescue animals in need.

Pet therapy

Pet therapy has become increasingly popular in Japan. Many hospitals, nursing homes, and schools use pet therapy as a way to help people cope with stress and anxiety. Therapy dogs and cats are trained to provide comfort and support to people in need. This reflects the importance of pets in promoting mental health and well-being.

Working animals in Japan

Japan also has a long history of using animals for work purposes. For example, the Akita Inu breed was originally used for hunting and guarding in Japan. Today, many dogs are trained as service animals to assist people with disabilities or medical conditions. Additionally, there are still some areas in Japan where horses are used for transportation and farming.

Future of pet ownership in Japan

The future of pet ownership in Japan looks bright. The number of pet owners continues to increase, and the Japanese government is committed to promoting animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. Additionally, there is a growing trend towards adopting rescue animals, which helps reduce the number of animals living in shelters.


Cats and dogs are both beloved pets in Japan, and their popularity will likely continue to grow in the future. The unique pet culture of Japan reflects the importance of animals in Japanese society, and the government’s commitment to animal welfare ensures that pets will be well-cared for in the years to come.

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