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What do guest wear to a Japanese wedding?

1. Introduction

Attending a wedding in Japan is a great honor, and it’s important to understand the culture so that you can dress appropriately for the occasion. Knowing what to wear to a Japanese wedding can be tricky, as there are certain customs and traditions that must be followed. In this article, we’ll discuss what guests should wear to a Japanese wedding, including traditional attire and more modern options. We’ll also cover gift-giving etiquette and color etiquette at a Japanese wedding.

2. Traditional Japanese Wedding Attire for Guests

The traditional attire for guests at a Japanese wedding is known as “shinzen-fuku” or “formal kimono”. This type of kimono usually consists of an under-kimono (uchikake), an over-kimono (uchikake) and an obi (belt). The uchikake is a long robe-like garment with long sleeves that is worn over the kimono; it usually has intricate embroidery and designs on it. The uchikake is usually made of silk or other luxurious fabrics such as velvet or brocade. The obi is worn around the waist to keep the uchikake in place and is typically made of silk or satin. Men typically wear black hakama trousers with their formal kimono outfit, while women may opt for an ankle-length skirt instead of trousers.

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3. What to Wear if You’re Not Familiar with Japanese Attire

If you are not familiar with traditional Japanese attire, there are still some options available for attending a Japanese wedding as a guest. For men, dark suits or tuxedos are appropriate; for women, cocktail dresses or evening gowns are acceptable alternatives to traditional kimonos as well. It is important to note that regardless of what type of clothing you choose to wear, it should be clean and pressed; wrinkled clothing is considered inappropriate at any formal event in Japan.

4. What Should Men Wear?

For men attending a Japanese wedding, dark suits or tuxedos are recommended; black is preferred but navy blue can also be worn depending on the formality of the event. A white shirt should be worn underneath the suit jacket; ties or bow ties may also be worn if desired but they are not required for casual weddings. Shoes should also be dark in color; leather shoes are preferred but canvas shoes can also be worn if necessary.

5. What Should Women Wear?

For women attending a Japanese wedding, cocktail dresses or evening gowns are both acceptable options depending on how formal the event will be; colors should generally remain muted but brighter colors can still be worn depending on the season and time of day of the ceremony/reception (for example: pastels in spring/summer). Heels should generally remain low in height as this will help avoid standing out too much from other guests who may be wearing more traditional attire such as kimonos or yukatas (lightweight summer kimonos).

6. Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing for a Japanese Wedding

When dressing for any formal occasion in Japan, there are certain do’s and don’ts that must be followed:
• Make sure your clothing is clean and pressed
• Choose muted colors such as black, navy blue, grey etc., unless otherwise specified by invitation
• Wear appropriate footwear such as leather shoes/boots or canvas shoes/sneakers
• Wear bright colors such as red unless specifically requested by invitation
• Wear wrinkled clothing – this shows disrespect towards your hosts

7 Color Etiquette at a Japanese Wedding

Color etiquette plays an important role when dressing for any formal occasion in Japan – particularly weddings! Generally speaking, darker colors such as black are preferred when attending weddings; however this does not mean that brighter colors cannot be worn – they just need to remain muted so that they don’t stand out too much from other guests who may have chosen more traditional attire such as kimonos or yukatas (lightweight summer kimonos). Additionally, white should generally not be worn at weddings due to its association with death in Japan!

8 Gift-Giving Etiquette at a Japanese Wedding

Gift-giving etiquette at any formal event in Japan – particularly weddings – must also be taken into consideration when deciding what type of gift you would like to give your hosts on their special day! Generally speaking gifts should include money enclosed inside an envelope known as “shugi-bukuro” which can either have plain white paper with no decoration on it (for casual occasions) or colorful paper decorated with auspicious symbols (for more formal occasions). Other types of gifts such as household items may also be given but cash remains king when it comes to gift giving etiquette in Japan!

9 Conclusion

Attending a wedding in Japan requires understanding both traditional customs & modern conventions alike so that you can dress appropriately & respectfully according to your hosts’ wishes! From knowing what type of clothing & accessories you should wear based on formality level & color etiquette guidelines -to being aware of gift giving etiquette – this article has provided all necessary information needed so that you can attend any upcoming nuptials feeling prepared & confident about making good impressions!

What is acceptable to wear to a wedding as a guest?

Evening wear is more appropriate here. For men this usually means a black tie over a white shirt and a bow tie and suspenders (optional). Oxfords are suitable as normal shoes. Women can wear long dresses or elegant cocktail dresses.

How much money do you give for a Japanese wedding?

Usually the guests give a certain amount of money based on their relationship with the bride and groom. 30000 yen is the average for single friends and colleagues while bosses can give gifts of 50000 yen or 70000 yen. Married couples usually donate 50000 yen. Relatives will give more. April 26 2020

What do they wear for weddings in Japan?

In traditional Japanese weddings the bride and groom wear Japanese wedding kimono. The bride wears a white wedding kimono called uchikeke with a white hat. Tiaras are said to be large and full and cover the brides horns as a sign of submission.

What colors Cannot be worn at weddings?

Traditionally wedding guests are only allowed to wear white for obvious reasons – no one wants to distract from the bride.

What Colours should you not wear to a wedding as a guest?

Avoid egg whites with champagne cream or other super bright colors that could be mistaken for white. A large selection of dresses are available in a variety of colors so cleaning up these shades isnt a big deal.

What should female guest wear to a wedding?

Womens full length formal dress that covers the legs. Formal pants are also a good choice.

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