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What do guests wear to a Japanese wedding?

1. Introduction

Attending a wedding in Japan is a unique experience, and the dress code for guests at such an event is just as unique. Understanding what to wear to a Japanese wedding is important if you want to make sure that you are dressed appropriately and show respect to the bride and groom. In this article, we will explore traditional and modern attire for guests at a Japanese wedding, what to wear as a male or female guest, do’s and don’ts of wearing appropriate attire, colorful kimonos for weddings in Japan, accessories and gifts for the bride and groom.

2. Traditional Japanese Wedding Attire for Guests

Traditionally, guests attending a Japanese wedding would be expected to wear formal kimono known as “Uchikake”. The Uchikake is an ornate outer robe worn over the kimono which is usually brightly coloured with intricate designs. The Uchikake is usually made from silk or polyester fabric with intricate embroidery or gold trimming. Men would typically wear black hakama trousers with their Uchikake while women would often complete their look with white tabi socks and geta sandals.

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3. Modern Japanese Wedding Attire for Guests

In modern times, most couples opt for more Western-style weddings where guests are expected to dress in formal western clothing such as suits or dresses rather than traditional kimonos. However, some couples may still opt for traditional attire on special occasions such as Shinto weddings where both men and women would be expected to wear Uchikake robes over their kimonos along with hakama trousers or tabi socks and geta sandals respectively.

4. What to Wear as a Male Guest at a Japanese Wedding?

For male guests attending a modern Japanese wedding, it is important to dress smartly in formal western attire such as suits or tuxedos in dark colours such as navy blue or black along with polished shoes and ties/bow ties that match your outfit colour scheme. If you are attending a more traditional ceremony then it may be acceptable to wear hakama trousers along with your Uchikake robe but it is best to check with the couple beforehand if this is acceptable at their ceremony before making any final decisions on what you should wear on the day of the wedding itself.

5. What to Wear as a Female Guest at a Japanese Wedding?

For female guests attending any kind of Japanese wedding it is important that they dress modestly in formal western attire such as dresses or skirts that come down below the knee along with blouses that cover the arms up until at least just below the elbow area (depending on how conservative the couple wants their ceremony). If attending a more traditional ceremony then it may be acceptable (but again check beforehand) to wear tabi socks and geta sandals along with your Uchikake robe but again this should be discussed beforehand so that there are no surprises on the day itself!

6. Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Appropriate Attire to a Japanese Wedding

When choosing your outfit for any type of Japanese wedding there are certain do’s and don’ts that should be kept in mind: DO: Dress modestly & formally; choose muted colors; keep jewelry minimal; choose comfortable shoes; bring an umbrella (in case of rain); bring gifts for the bride & groom DON’T: Wear bright colors; overdress; forget about bringing gifts; forget about bringing an umbrella (in case of rain); forget about dressing comfortably!

7 Colorful Kimonos for Weddings in Japan

If attending a more traditional style Shinto ceremony then it may be appropriate (and encouraged!) for guests to wear colorful kimonos known as “Uchikake” which can range from bright reds & purples all the way through pastel shades like pink & yellow depending upon personal preference & taste level! It may also be possible (again depending upon personal preference) to rent out these types of kimonos if one does not already own one themselves which can save time & money when preparing for an upcoming special occasion like this!

8 Accessories and Gifts for the Bride and Groom

When attending any type of special occasion like this it is customary (and polite!) For guests to bring small tokens of appreciation & love either monetary gifts or physical items like jewelry etc…for both bride & groom alike! This can help make sure that everyone involved feels appreciated & remembered even after all festivities have concluded so make sure not forget about bringing something special along when heading out!

9 Conclusion

Attending any type of special event like this one can be both exciting & daunting all at once but by following these simple tips & guidelines hopefully everyone involved can feel confident knowing that they have selected appropriate attire which will help ensure respect towards both newlyweds during their big day!

What do they wear for weddings in Japan?

In a traditional Japanese wedding the bride and groom usually wear Japanese wedding kimonos. The bride wears a white wedding kimono called Uchikake with a white turban. The whole thing is large and heavy and is said to hide the brides horns as a symbol of submission.

How much money do you give for a Japanese wedding?

Guests usually donate a certain amount based on their relationship with the bride and groom.Single friends and colleagues average ¥30000 while bosses may tip ¥50000 or ¥70000. The couple usually donates 50000 yen. Relatives give more. April 26 2020

What is acceptable to wear to a wedding as a guest?

Evening wear is best here. For men that usually means a dark tuxedo white shirt tie and matching overalls (optional) says Cory. Formal shoes like oxfords are appropriate. Women can wear long skirts or elegant cocktail dresses.

What colors Cannot be worn at weddings?

Usually the only off-limits color for wedding guests is white for obvious reasons – no one wants to distract from the bride.

Do Japanese wear red to a wedding?

A white kimono is the formal wedding dress worn by the bride for the wedding ceremony and the bride wears a red kimono for the reception. The groom may wear a black kimono throughout the wedding day

What not to wear to a Japanese wedding?

A formal kimono is acceptable at a wedding but only if you know how to wear it properly.Otherwise as a general rule dont wear white. Black and other colors look great and women should usually wear low heels taking care to keep their shoulder knees and toes out of sight.

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