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Can I bring perfume to Japan?


Perfume is a widely used product that many people enjoy using in their daily lives. However, when traveling to a different country, it’s important to know the regulations on bringing perfume with you. In this article, we will explore the rules and regulations surrounding bringing perfume to Japan.

Why is it important to know the regulations?

It’s important to know the regulations surrounding bringing perfume to Japan because failure to comply with these regulations could result in fines or even imprisonment. Additionally, certain types of perfume may be prohibited in Japan due to their ingredients.

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What are the regulations for bringing perfume to Japan?

According to the Japan Customs website, visitors are allowed to bring in up to 2 ounces (60ml) of perfume duty-free. However, any amount over this limit will be subject to customs duty.

What types of perfume are prohibited in Japan?

Perfumes containing ambergris or musk are prohibited in Japan due to their animal origins. Additionally, perfumes containing more than 30% alcohol are also prohibited due to their flammability.

How can I ensure my perfume is compliant with Japanese regulations?

To ensure that your perfume is compliant with Japanese regulations, check the ingredients list for ambergris or musk. Additionally, ensure that the alcohol content is less than 30%.

What if I exceed the 2-ounce limit?

If you exceed the 2-ounce limit for duty-free perfume, you will be required to pay customs duty. The duty rate varies depending on the value of the item.

Can I bring perfume on a plane?

Yes, you can bring perfume on a plane as long as it meets the liquid restrictions set by TSA. Perfume must be placed in a clear plastic bag and each container must not exceed 3.4 ounces (100ml).

Is there anything else I need to know about bringing perfume to Japan?

It’s important to note that fragrances can cause allergic reactions in some people, so be considerate when wearing perfume in public spaces. Additionally, some areas of Japan have strict smoking laws, so be mindful of where you apply your fragrance.

What should I do if I’m unsure about bringing my perfume?

If you’re unsure about whether or not your perfume is compliant with Japanese regulations, contact your airline or local embassy for more information.

What other items should I be aware of when traveling to Japan?

In addition to perfume, there are other items that may be restricted or prohibited when traveling to Japan. These include firearms, illegal drugs, and certain types of food items.


In conclusion, bringing perfume to Japan is allowed as long as it meets certain regulations. Be sure to check the ingredients list and alcohol content before packing your favorite fragrance. And remember, when wearing perfume in public spaces, be mindful of those around you who may have allergies or sensitivities.

Can I bring perfume into Japan?

When entering Japan, you can bring up to three 760ml bottles of alcohol, 400 cigarettes, and two ounces of perfume without paying any taxes.

How much perfume can you take to Japan?

2 ounces
-Household Effects (including Automobiles)ItemAllowance (for an adult)Tobacco ProductsCigarettes200 cigarettesHeat-not-burn tobacco10 individual packages,etcOther kinds of tobacco250 gramsPerfume2 ounces3 more rows

Do I have to declare perfume Japan?

If you are going to bring more than 2 oz (56ml) of perfume per person, you need to declare it on the customs form when you enter Japan and pay the tax accordingly.Oct 27, 2022

Do I have to declare perfume at customs?

When you fill out the customs form, keep it simple and include the item’s value (contents: clothing, books, souvenirs, poster, value $100). For alcohol, perfume containing alcohol, and tobacco valued at more than $5, you will pay a duty.

Can perfume go through customs?

Checked bags are allowed, but each container must not weigh more than 0.5 kg (18 ounces) or hold more than 500 ml (17 fluid ounces). The FAA has additional regulations on this matter. Aerosol release devices with buttons or nozzles are allowed, but they must have a cap or other method of preventing accidental release.

Can I take 2 perfumes in hand luggage?

Any substances including liquids, gels, aerosols, pastes, lotions, creams, drinks, or other similar products must be contained in vessels that have a maximum capacity of 100ml. Any substances contained in containers larger than 100ml, even if they are partially filled, will not be permitted.

It’s also important to note that while perfume is allowed in Japan, it’s not always necessary to wear it. Japanese culture places a strong emphasis on cleanliness and personal hygiene, so many people prefer to go without any added fragrances. Additionally, some workplaces and public areas may have scent-free policies in place.

If you are planning to purchase perfume while in Japan, be aware that some brands and scents may be more expensive than what you’re used to. However, Japan is known for its high-quality fragrances and unique blends, so it may be worth splurging on a special scent.

When packing your perfume for travel, be sure to place it in a secure container to prevent any leaks or spills. It’s also a good idea to pack it in your checked luggage rather than your carry-on bag to avoid any issues with TSA liquid restrictions.

Overall, with a little bit of preparation and awareness of the regulations, bringing perfume to Japan can be a simple and enjoyable experience. Just remember to be considerate of those around you and respect the cultural norms of the country.

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